Is Nexium safe to take while pregnant?

When women become pregnant, everything they ingest can affect their growing fetus. This includes over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs and prescription medications. For this reason, it is recommended women who are pregnant or women who want to become pregnant remain as drug-free as possible. Although, this may be difficult or near impossible to accomplish for some women who need medication to function in their daily lives.

Nexium is a medication used for heartburn relief that is caused by acid reflux disease. The medication is effective because it reduces the amount of acid the stomach produces. It contains an active ingredient called esomeprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor. The esomeprazole inhibits acid-producing cells on the lining of the stomach, so the amount of acid in the stomach reduces.

Acid reflux is a common symptom of pregnancy for women. If you are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant and wonder if you can take Nexium while pregnant, set up a meeting with your doctor to discuss your options. Nexium is relatively safe to use while pregnant if the benefits of using the medication outweigh the risk. Your provider will be able to tell you whether using Nexium while pregnant is a good idea for you in your situation.

Is it okay to take Nexium while pregnant?

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has categorized Nexium in the pregnancy category B. This category indicates Nexium is generally considered safe to use while pregnant. However, there have been some reports of fetal re-absorption and lethality in the embryo in animal studies. In these studies, animals were given between five to 56 times more Nexium than the average human dose. 

Before using Nexium for acid reflux, schedule a meeting with your doctor to determine if using this medication while pregnant is safe for you and the growing fetus. 

Alternatives to taking Nexium while pregnant

There are many ways pregnant women can alleviate or prevent acid reflux without taking medications such as Nexium. It is suggested pregnant women eat small meals often to not overcrowd the stomach. Pregnant women should also avoid spicy and fatty foods. They can also avoid acid reflux by keeping their posture upright. Proper posture can extend the chest cavity and relieve stomach pressure. Using propped up pillow for sleep will also help with this stomach pressure.

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