Because a child’s long-term development begins in the womb, it’s important to build a healthy foundation. Using substances while pregnant or breastfeeding can be dangerous — and even deadly — for both mother and child. Whether you are looking to start a family, currently expecting, or an experienced mom, healing from a substance use disorder is the first step toward a lifetime of health for generations to come.

Expecting Mothers and Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Drug Use During Pregnancy

Managing a substance use disorder during pregnancy can be a challenge, but it can be life-saving for both mother and child. Whether you take prescription pills or use illicit substances, maintaining a healthy pregnancy starts with understanding the impact that drugs have on you and your baby’s well being.

Drinking While Pregnant

For many, alcohol is part of daily life. However, during pregnancy, typical habits like drinking could be dangerous for your baby’s health. If you struggle with alcohol dependence or binge drinking, these risks can be compounded. To ensure your baby’s health, recovering from alcohol addiction is key.

New Mothers and Drug or Alcohol Abuse


For many women, breastfeeding is a vital part of nurturing a newborn. Because the food and substances that a mother consumes can have a direct impact on a child’s nutrition, it’s important to know the facts about breastfeeding and substance use.

Health Effects of Substance Use on Children

Exposure to substances like drugs and alcohol in the womb can have lasting effects on children. Birth defects, neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) and other complications can result from substance use during pregnancy.

Mothers in Recovery or Seeking Treatment

Whether you’re already a mom, currently expecting, or looking to get pregnant, maintaining your health and that of your baby is a top priority. If you struggle with addiction or substance use, finding the necessary resources can help you and your child thrive.

Substance Abuse, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding by Drug