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Addiction to crystal meth invariably leads to serious health concerns. This powerful, man-made stimulant moves users through stages of abuse to full-blown addiction rapidly, taking with it much of the life they once enjoyed. Amongst the most addicting substances one can take, crystal meth excels at putting itself before any other need one addicted to it has. This makes quitting meth one of the most difficult things a person can do. When someone has reached a point where they realize they need to break their dependence on meth (crystal methamphetamine) they've arrived at the first step. A healthy next step is identifying how to get help. That help often comes in the form of crystal meth hotlines and helplines. Picking up the phone is the best way to start the process of detox and rehabilitation. Often the barrier to making that call is the unknowns that go along with it. To help overcome such hesitation we've provided answers to some common questions below.

What is a Crystal Meth Hotline?

Crystal meth hotlines and helplines exist solely for the purpose of helping people ready to make a change. National and local resources exist for drug addiction and drug-related situations of most any kind imaginable. The difference with a crystal meth hotline is that it's sole purpose is to help those whose addiction is rooted in meth use.

When should I call a crystal meth hotline?

First and foremost, if the situation you or someone you are assisting is life-threatening please call 9-1-1 immediately. While helplines on a national level can provide valuable assistance, it is only local emergency resources who can properly assess and take action when there is immediate danger of harming oneself or others. Assuming the meth addict is not in a life-threatening emergency, the time to call is when the addict or loved one realizes it is time to take action toward rehabilitation and recovery. Our 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week crystal meth hotline is there for those in such a position.

What kind of questions will they ask when I call a crystal meth hotline?

A helpline or hotline will focus first on the immediate situation and condition of the individual addicted to crystal meth as well as those in their presence. As mentioned above, the most important point to establish that all parties are safe.
  • Is the individual addicted to or abusing crystal meth in a situation where they may do harm to themseleves or others
  • Is there co-occurring addictions or conditions beyond the crystal meth abuse that need to be addressed
  • Is the individual seeking a drug treatment program to overcome their addiction
  • Do the programs and services offered provide a good match for the caller's individual needs

When I call, is the conversation confidential?

Our 24-hour, toll-free crystal meth hotline is 100% confidential. When calling any of the resources below we encourage you to ask them to answer any questions you have about confidentiality.

Can I start the crystal meth rehab, detox or recovery process at the time of my call?

All hotlines and helplines will take a different approach. That approach is based upon what facilities they have at hand to help the individual. Our goal is to match suitable, comprehensive treatment that we offer with the needs of the individual seeking treatment. That often comes in the form of, drug rehab but may employ a variety of services including detoxification and therapy, either at an inpatient or outpatient facility.

National Hotlines

Emergencies and Crisis Situations

Emergency In the United States 9-1-1 is the emergency telephone number to dial to get immediate response from local resources. If the situation is life threatening, you need to dial 9-1-1 immediately.
  • 9-1-1
  • Available 24 Hours
The National Poison Control Center Offers a free, confidential service where you can speak to poisoning professionals (including cases involving drugs, including heroin, and/or alcohol). National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Mental Health Disorders

The National Mental Health Association

Drug Abuse and Addiction

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) SAMHSA’s national hotline offers free referral and information services for those facing mental illnesses or substance use disorders.