There is a link between marijuana and psychosis, a mental health symptom that causes people to hallucinate. Some people think that marijuana, also known as pot or weed, can help with psychosis, while others believe it may cause it.

It is often linked to drug or alcohol use. Some people may use pot to ease mental health symptoms like psychosis.

Can Marijuana Use Cause Psychosis?

Drugs are one of the main causes of psychosis, which can happen from using alcohol, stimulants or drugs like LSD. Some people may experience it when they stop using a drug.

People who use large amounts of marijuana are more likely to experience this effect. 

Marijuana-Induced Psychosis

Experts don’t blame marijuana for causing mental health disorders. There are likely many factors. It’s difficult to know if psychosis would have developed if someone never used pot. No set amount of weed causes psychosis, but it does increase the likelihood that it will occur.

Even if someone quits using the drug, psychosis can still occur. Pot can cause the onset of symptoms, but the drug is unlikely the sole cause.

Symptoms of Marijuana Psychosis

When people use weed, they may hallucinate. The short-term effects of marijuana will usually end after a few hours, but may last for up to a week, month or year. Other symptoms of pot use may include depression, sleep problems and anxiety.

Psychosis Caused by Spice

Spice, or K2, is a man-made drug similar to pot. Common side effects of spice use include paranoia, psychosis and agitation. These side effects can occur two to six hours after use and last for months.

Psychosis caused by spice can affect existing mental conditions and cause other disorders to occur sooner. These symptoms may stop once someone quits spice, but existing conditions will not likely change. Spice may also be linked to thoughts of suicide.

Spice is often mixed with other drugs. It’s hard to know which drug caused psychotic symptoms when mixed with other drugs. Some people are more likely to experience psychosis from certain drugs based on their genes.

Who’s More at Risk for Marijuana Psychosis

People using weed are at high risk for developing psychosis, especially if they already have symptoms. Age can also be a risk factor. Teens who use weed are at risk of psychosis or developing a mental health disorder.

Can Marijuana Help Treat Psychosis?

CBD, one of the active ingredients in weed, counters the THC in the drug. THC causes a high and psychosis, while CBD reduces psychotic symptoms.

Researchers are studying CBD oil and hope to use it as a treatment. CBD is not known to cause dependence or addiction. People may use CBD oil to treat medical issues.

Treatment Options for Marijuana Psychosis

The best way to avoid marijuana-induced psychosis is by not using the drug. It can be hard to quit using the drug, but a rehab facility can help people struggling with pot addiction.

The severity of the symptoms and addiction determines the type of treatment plan. A patient’s care plan consists of therapy and medicine for psychosis.

The type of medications prescribed include antipsychotics, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs.

Key Points: Cannabis and Psychosis

Some facts to remember are:

  • People who use pot are likely to experience psychotic symptoms
  • Someone with a mental health disorder may worsen their symptoms with drugs
  • After using weed, psychotic symptoms may last up to a week, month or year
  • Spice also affects the risk of psychosis
  • Kids and teens who use pot are at a high risk of developing marijuana-induced psychosis
  • Getting addiction treatment at a rehab facility can be effective

Help is available for people living with a substance use disorder and psychosis. At The Recovery Village, clients receive a treatment plan to address their specific needs. Call to speak with a representative about which care program could work for you.