College Park Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

College Park, Maryland is a unique town situated in Prince George’s County. According to the 2010 census, the city has a population of 30,413 residents. The city offers a rich educational background, boasting the renowned University of Maryland. College Park also plays a significant role for the country as it hosts the “Archives II” and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which deals with information concerning the weather and climate. The residents of the city have a lot to enjoy, but they are not immune to the perilous challenges of alcohol and drug abuse.

The CDC reported that the rise of opioid and heroin usage in Maryland began in the early 2000s. Also, it is the same time that overdose deaths caused by drugs and alcohol began to rise. In 2016, Maryland recorded a total of 2,089 deaths caused by substance misuse. This was a 66 percent increase from the previous year. heroin and fentanyl majorly contributed to the increase in deaths and overdoses in the state. Heroin is usually laced with Fentanyl to make it more potent, and many users are not aware.

The significant rise of misuse of opioids in Maryland has made the state officials come up with measures to curb the menace. The officials have ensured that students starting from elementary school to college are taught about the perilous consequences of misusing powerful drugs. The Start Talking Maryland Act requires public schools to teach students about the harmful effects of abusing heroin among other opioids. The teachings begin as early as third grade. If you are struggling to keep your head above the deep waters of substance misuse, there are plenty of drug rehab centers in College Park, MD. The city has treatment centers with professionals who can help with your unique form of addiction.

Finding Help & Recovery in College Park, MD

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in College Park, Maryland

Many people struggling with drug misuse receive a cold shoulder from society as they have been viewed as individuals with forsaken morals. It should be known that any individual could fall into the trap of alcohol and substance misuse. College Park city is experiencing a surge in the number of people struggling with substance misuse. However, the city and the state as a whole have established several drug rehab facilities and resources aimed at offering professional help to victims of drug use.

College Park offers individuals who are struggling with substance dependency a chance of increasing their likelihood of becoming sober as it boasts several treatment facilities. The centers have skilled medical practitioners who have the knowledge of dealing with your unique form of addiction. However, you need to take your time and select a drug treatment center in College Park that can offer you complete assistance without compromise.

Once you enroll in a particular College Park drug treatment facility, you will go through a series of healthy stages combined with strategic care tools. Avoid the stigma that surrounds individuals dealing with substance use disorder, and make the courageous move of seeking assistance. Friends and relatives also need to support a loved one struggling with substance misuse. Addiction is a disease just like diabetes. It can affect anyone in any city, state or country. You alone have the power to make a real difference in your life and seek help that can ensure you realize complete sobriety.

College Park Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment facilities are inpatient drug rehabs in College Park, MD, that generally deal with patients who have a long history of substance use or severe addiction. The patient receives 24-hour care, and their psychological and nutritional needs are taken into great consideration. The programs assume a 12-step recovery program combined with a sequence of behavioral and medical therapies. Patients receive medical supervision to lessen their chances of experiencing a relapse. The environment and atmosphere in these facilities is usually welcoming to ensure patients receive physical and psychological healing as required.

College Park Partial Hospitalization Programs

If you are looking for a College Park drug treatment facility that allows patients to go to their homes after the day’s sessions are over, then the partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are right for you. PHPs are flexible as compared to inpatient facilities and utilize similar care tools as those in Residential Treatment Programs. This programs are suitable for individuals who are not experiencing severe addiction. Before patients enroll in these College Park alcohol treatment facilities, they need to ensure their home environment does not promote behaviors that would derail their attempt towards a lasting sobriety.

College Park Outpatient Treatment Programs

If you are seeking a College Park drug treatment facility that would offer more flexibility in terms of allowing you to work or go to school, then you should consider an outpatient rehab program. This program allows patients to live a normal life while attaining professional help. However, you need to ensure you are not struggling with severe addiction. If you have a long history of addiction, experts recommend that you seek help from a residential treatment center.

Do not be reluctant to seek help. Anyone can struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. Research indicates that people who seek assistance have a higher probability of experiencing a sober and healthy life after treatment. College Park has several detox and rehab facilities. Therefore, take time and select the one that can work best for you.

College Park Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Accepting that you are struggling with a substance use disorder is the first step towards the road to recovery. However, this stage is usually challenging for many individuals, considering the stigma that surrounds drug addicts. Putting an end to drug dependency is also challenging, thus discouraging many people from seeking help once they start struggling with severe addiction. College Park city has several detox centers that are committed to offering support to people facing the compromising challenges of drug use disorder.

The College Park drug detox centers have medical professionals who boast the knowledge necessary to ensure that you have a greater chance of being sober. Through the detox process, medical professionals help the patient slowly eliminate the substance they are dependent upon from their body. The process is not easy as it can attract unwelcoming withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, depression, and cramps. However, with the help of the skilled professionals in College Park drug detox centers, patients can go through the process under close supervision to ensure that they do not experience a relapse. Many inpatient programs usually offer these services.

Recovery Meetings Near You in College Park

Every person has the power to deal with the unfriendly challenges of substance use disorder. With the right help and supervision, victims stand a greater chance of being sober. Determination and dedication on the side of the victim is also fundamental. Fellowships and support networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are significant in helping victims reduce their chances of experiencing a relapse.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholic Anonymous is a meeting involving men and women who are struggling with alcohol addiction. The members share their experiences while giving each other strength and hope of achieving and maintaining sobriety. To join the meetings, participants need only to have the desire and determination to quit drinking. The meetings are not linked to any denomination, sect, institution or political affiliation. It is purely neutral. The main focus of the fellowship is helping the participants to achieve sobriety and reduce the chances of experiencing a relapse.

Church Rectory
1717 Ritchie Rd.
District Heights, MD, 20747

Forestville Mem. Meth. Church
3111 Forestville Rd.
District Heights, MD, 20747

University Baptist Church
3515 Campus Dr.
College Park, MD, 20740

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is universal network boasting a multicultural and multilingual membership. This community-based society was founded in 1953. The meeting accommodates individuals who are determined to recover from the consequences of alcohol and substance misuse. Through a 12-step program and practical activities such as role plays patients get to learn various methods that they can employ to avoid behaviors that would attract a relapse. The environment of the fellowship provides an atmosphere where peers can support each other towards achieving a drug-free lifestyle.

College Park Youth Service
9916 Rhode Island Ave.
College Park, MD, 20740

Breakfast Club
4912 Nantucket Rd.
College Park, MD, 20740

Calvary Lutheran Church
9545 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring, MD, 20910

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

The main focus of SMART Recovery meetings is to provide the participants with an atmosphere where they can come up with significant solutions towards behavioral change. Through a four-point program, the fellowships gain theoretical and practical knowledge of dealing with emotional upsets, motivation, urges, and other behaviors that cause challenges. The nature of the meetings allows individuals to understand the relationship between an individual’s attitude, their actions and the consequences that follow. Through SMART Recovery Meetings members get to learn how to shun beliefs that do not help them in their road to recovery. There are several SMART Recovery Meetings in College Park, Maryland. Please share the information with a loved one struggling with substance dependency.

Kolmac Clinic
8561 Fenton St.
Silver Spring, MD, 20910

Kolmac Clinic Silver Spring
8561 Fenton St.
Silver Spring, MD, 20910

Philip’s Episcopal Church
Main St.
Laurel, MD, 20707

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

The people living or in a constant contact with an individual dealing the unfriendly consequences of a substance use disorder usually find it hard to deal with the victim. Many people in society see victims of drug use as people without direction. This makes it hard for friends and relatives to accept that their loved one is a victim. . For this reason, family and friends can join an Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meeting that can give them information on how to deal with a loved one struggling with addiction. Through sharing of experiences, the participants get to learn that they are not alone. Plus, they get insight on some ways of helping the victim achieve sobriety. Become a member of an Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meeting, and help a loved one achieve soberness.

University Baptist Church
Campus Dr.
College Park, MD, 20740

Community United Methodist Church
1690 Riedel Rd.
Crofton, MD, 21114

There are College Park drug treatment facilities to help you achieve sobriety. You can also find other drug rehab centers in Maryland. If you feel comfortable seeking help in other cities in Maryland, there is help for you.