Thibodaux Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

Thibodaux, Louisiana, is a quaint place along the Bayou Lafourche. It has the creature comforts of a city, but the culture is as slow moving as the Bayou. Being the picturesque headquarters of Lafourche Parish, it is aptly nicknamed “Lafourche’s Queen City”.

The city’s population estimate is 14,610 residents as of 2016, and the demographics show a city that has recovered from the racial divides in the last 19th century. All seems good, until you realize that there is an epidemic brewing under the surface. Thibodaux city has been fighting a growing drug problem, as is the state of Louisiana as a whole.

The accelerating substance abuse crisis can be traced to the increase in prescription painkillers laced with either fentanyl or opioids like oxycodone. The trend is especially common among teens and young adults. This has led authorities to make concerted efforts to get these drugs off the street. However, the stigma from society being faced by the patients of drug use disorder doesn’t make the fight any easier. Fortunately, you can now free yourself from the vicious cycle of substance misuse thanks to the many Thibodaux, Louisiana, drug rehab centers. All you need is the genuine desire to quit the drug life and lead a sober life once again. This guide details how to go about the whole process and the available treatment centers.

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Finding Help & Recovery in Thibodaux, LA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Thibodaux, Louisiana

Substance use disorder may start as a fun activity, but it quickly results in a debilitating dependence on a specific drug. Whether it is alcohol, meth, cocaine, heroin, or run-of-the-mill prescription painkillers, these substances can have a detrimental affecton your quality of life. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder however, you need not worry as this is just like any other ailment that can be treated as long as you maintain a positive attitude and the willpower to change.

With the correct treatment, you can easily overcome drug dependence. Addiction to a substance leads to regular use that can be hard to abandon on your own. However, you can enroll in treatment programs that disrupt the use and allow you to regain control of your life. The treatment programs can be categorized into three main groups. They all have the same basic structure of detoxification, therapy sessions, and aftercare. Many of Thibodaux drug treatment facilities offer these programs.

Thibodaux Residential Treatment Programs

The residential treatment approach, also called an inpatient program, has the highest success rates. Upon completion, the individual can reintegrate into society with minimal aftercare. The high success rate is due to the complete removal of the substance from the patient’s body. Additionally, the therapy sessions are uninterrupted, allowing the physician and patient to deal with any underlying cognitive and psychological issues properly. This is the treatment program of choice for those suffering from chronic and severe substance dependence. If you choose an inpatient drug rehab in Thibodaux, LA, the downside is that you will have to be restricted in the facility for a given period—usually 30 – 90 days. Just remember that this temporary limitation is all for a good cause.

Thibodaux Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization centers are facilities where the patient is required to stay at the clinic for a short period. The treatment normally lasts a few days to help aid the individual go through detoxification. Afterwards, the patient is required to go for 3-7 hours each day for monitoring and can return home at night. During this time, the patient goes through rigorous psychiatric care. Sometimes, the physicians may prescribe medication to help the patients deal with the relapse urges. Once the doctors are satisfied that the patient is no longer at risk of relapse, the treatment is complete. If you choose this program in any drug rehab center in Thibodaux, LA, physicians recommend that you stay with someone who will ensure you do not succumb to your urges at night.

Thibodaux Outpatient Treatment Programs

If you are unable to stay away from your career, family or education, you can opt for the outpatient program. Outpatient drug rehab in Thibodaux, LA, does not offer a residential stay, and the patient must organize to attend a detox center before starting the program. During the treatment, the patient must commute to the center for any scheduled appointments. The appointments are conveniently scheduled to allow the patient to lead a relatively normal life.

Each of these programs allows the patient to overcome the substance use disorder through detox and therapy. As the patient, you need to acknowledge the severity of your addiction. The outpatient program can only work if you have a minor addiction. If your substance use disorder is chronic, the residential and partial hospitalization programs may be more effective. After receiving these treatments, you are encouraged to try activities, like yoga, meditation, and carpentry to fortify the commitment to sobriety.

Thibodaux Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

A vital part of the recuperation process is detoxification. This entails weaning the patient off the drugs physically. Unfortunately, this step cannot be skipped, but for a good reason. Through this, the substances in your system are eliminated. The type of substance that the patient was addicted to determines the type and length of detox. Alcohol and mild prescription painkiller addictions may require three days of detox. On the other hand, methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, heroin and opioid-laced prescription pills require a seven-day detox.

In cases where the patient is at risk of going into shock due to extreme withdrawal symptoms, physicians may administer analgesics and benzodiazepines. Remember that detox is only a stage of substance use recuperation. It offers only a physical solution. You will need therapy and aftercare to overcome the mental and emotional aspects your addiction. The latter two are the best way of dealing with the psychological and cognitive causes of the substance use disorder. Make sure you avoid unidirectional treatment programs. The program must include all three stages.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Thibodaux

After detox and therapy in any drug rehab in Thibodaux, Louisiana, it is important to find a good aftercare program. You will wage the battle over substance misuse each day. The best way to elude relapse is by having a support group. Aftercare involves joining these groups for both psychological and emotional support. The several common aftercare groups for those recovering from addiction including SMART recovery, AA, and NA. Each of them serves a different purpose.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

After undergoing Thibodaux alcohol detox program, it is ideal to enroll into an aftercare program. For close to a century, there have been AA meetings that seek to help people battling alcohol dependence. The meetings were started by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith in Akron, Ohio Since then, the support group has formed a network all over North America, helping to provide a meeting place for those battling or those who have achieved sobriety. The moderators in each town are people who have battled and overcome alcoholism. They can guide new members to become better individuals. If you would like to join an AA meeting, you can find one in the following Thibodaux locations.

Lafourche Paris fire Department
100 Bayou Vista Dr.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Sober Center
307 Hickory St.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Orleans Alcoholics Anonymous
505 St. Louis St.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

This is AA’s sister group. It does not have as much heritage as AA, but it serves a very important role, especially with the rise in narcotics use. Narcotics are a very different sensation from alcohol. They are highly addictive and may result in an extreme effect on the body. The meeting is structured in the same way that AA meetings are structured, allowing members to share testimonies of their recovery. AA and NA support groups have spiritual foundations. As a result, they try to avoid siding with any polarizing dogmas or ideologies. Since its inception, NA has helped thousands to overcome reliance on meth, cocaine, heroin, crack and prescription medication. If you would like to join an NA meeting, you can find one in the following Thibodaux locations.

Christ The Redeemer Family
720 Talbot St.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

St. John Episcopal Church
718 Jackson St.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

SMART Recovery Meetings

Even though SMART meetings have the same goals as AA and NA, there are some fundamental differences. SMART Recovery support groups do not incorporate any spirituality. Instead, the group takes a scientific approach to helping members overcome substance dependence. The 12-step program is replaced by a four-point system where the members talk about their feelings instead of giving testimonials. If you would like to join a SMART recovery meeting, you can find one in the following nearby location.

Broadmoor Wellness Center
3900 General Taylor Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70125

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

When recovering from substance misuse, victims rely greatly on their families while getting back on their feet. Nar-Anon and Al-Anon support groups are designed to help families of those recovering from narcotics and alcohol to cope. It will help you understand the struggle that those suffering from substance dependence go through. You will be given the cues to know how to motivate them and how to forgive them. These meetings also give people who have lost loved ones to alcohol and narcotics an opportunity to share or vent. You can find a Nar-Anon or an Al-Anon meeting in the following locations in or near Thibodaux.

Thibodaux Addictive Disorders Clinic
300 Hickory St.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

The Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge
8470 Goodwood Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Thibodaux is a relatively close-knit city. This may dissuade you from joining one of the Thibodaux drug rehab centers for fear of stigma, but don’t let it. You still need help overcoming substance dependence. The following cities also have rehab facilities where you can get adequate help. Some of them are just a few minutes away.