Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Loveland, Colorado

You cannot live with them and you cannot live without them. This is a phrase that can easily be attributed to families and significant others. While there may be no shortage of love, there can be chaos and turmoil in the home if there are unresolved issues and communication problems between family members or married couples. Do not let these problems fester without the help of an unbiased professional. In Loveland, there are marriage and family therapy programs close to home to give you and your loved ones help to regain a harmonious household.

Some of the problems that can be successfully addressed in marriage and family therapy include spousal conflict, parent/child conflict, body image issues, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, eldercare issues, and grief. If one or more members of the family are dealing with a mental illness or are in need of substance abuse treatment in Loveland, marriage and family therapy can help the entire family learn ways to cope with these challenges successfully.

Marriage Counseling in Loveland, Colorado

Marriage counseling in Loveland is designed to assist couples who are in an intimate and committed relationship deal with issues and learn to solve problems together. Although the name of this counseling service is marriage counseling, its services can be helpful for engaged couples, seriously dating couples, and even divorced or separated couples.

The most universal issue for people in a relationship always seems to boil down to communication breakdowns. So often, couples hear each other without truly listening. Many arguments can become more constructive conversations if you learn the right communication skills from a professional marriage counselor.

In general, marriage counseling sessions are held once a week at a neutral location so as not to show bias toward one person over the other. The best way to see results from marriage counseling in Loveland is for both parties in the relationship to be committed to regularly attending sessions. None the less, life can intervene and render one, or both, people incapable of attending. Do not lose positive momentum by missing a session; there is online marriage counseling available for these times.

Loveland Marriage Therapy

During marriage therapy, you and your significant other will not only work together as a couple but also do a deep self-examination to identify qualities within yourself that could be helping, or harming, the relationship. This can cause emotions to run high and it is common for hot topics to be brought up in session. With the guidance of your marriage therapist, you and your partner can navigate these situations logically without having anything escalate into a fight, which could easily have occurred at home. As time progresses through your marriage therapy program, you and your significant other will learn more about each other and how to live a better life together.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Just because a search on the internet for “where is marriage counseling near me?” returns many results does not mean that these results are right for you and your partner. Attending marriage counseling is a vulnerable and personal experience that should only be entrusted to the most qualified and compassionate professionals. To help you narrow down your search results, take into consideration some additional criteria.

  • Availability to your marriage counselor is important. This extends beyond the ability to schedule sessions that work for both you and your significant other. If a raw emotion should continue to cause tension outside the safe zone of your marriage counseling in Loveland, you want to have that security in knowing that expert advice is a call away anytime it is needed.
  • Any marriage counselor you consider should have the minimum requirements, such as proper certifications and licenses, to be in practice. Additionally, you can try to find a marriage counselor who specializes in the areas in which you and your partner struggle. For example, if you both are being challenged with the decision of where to live, you can find a marriage counselor who has worked with other couples coping with the same thing.

You might have more specific and personal questions that you would like answered that an internet search alone cannot provide. As part of the mental health community, The Recovery Village can be a great resource for guidance. Your call is confidential and can be made 24/7.

Family Therapy Loveland, CO

Structural family therapy provides a neutral zone in which family members can feel comfortable expressing feelings freely and working through issues together. A regularly scheduled session holds all members of your family equally accountable for their part in working toward a better family future. Strategic family therapy teaches communal problem-solving skills to help families regain a healthy, harmonious home environment.

Loveland Family Counseling

Family counseling services are designed to help families truly connect with one another, listen to concerns, and move past issues. This forum is perfect for helping all family members come to terms with difficult changes in life. Financial issues can plague all members of the family, including children. Blending families can cause tension if not properly handled. Moving to a new area can cause resentment from children if not openly discussed. A death in the family can be left unprocessed and result in negative outbursts and unnecessary fights. These issues and more can be handled in a constructive way through the assistance of a professional family counselor in your Loveland family therapy program.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Family counseling in Loveland is readily available. Some helpful methods for finding the best family counseling in Loveland are:

  1. Internet Reviews: A great place to narrow down a wide range of search results for “where is family counseling near me?” is by reading internet reviews. This allows you to identify trends, both good and bad, to help determine which Loveland family therapy programs deserve a closer look.
  2. Personal Recommendations: Marriage and family therapy is not uncommon and you might already have people in your life who have received help through this mental health resource. If you feel comfortable, you may ask friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers for a recommendation.
  3. Primary Care Physician: Your family doctor is part of the health and wellness community and is acquainted with you and your family already, making this person a great resource for informed advice.

Seeking out a professional marriage and family therapy program is not a sign that your family is in shambles but a sign that you love your family enough to hire the best professionals to help you all love each other better. Do not hesitate to reach out for help with issues large and small. We stand ready to help.