Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Loveland, Colorado

One of the biggest problems facing the nation and Colorado is the drug epidemic. Loveland families and workplaces are feeling the impact of the epidemic as well. The state has certainly seen its fair share of drug testing centers pop up. If you suspect that a loved one is using drugs or you have a workplace to manage, you may find yourself in need of a high-quality drug testing center.

Sometimes the signs of drug addiction can be subtle. When you think you need effective drug testing facilities, Loveland professionals can lend you a hand. They can help you not only find testing centers but also addiction treatment facilities near Loveland that understand how to handle cases like yours.

Loveland Drug Testing Centers

As you will find in your search for drug testing facilities, Loveland has a lot to offer. When you are looking for excellent testing options, you first need to determine what it is that you want. Different types of tests are available for situations like yours.

The most common type of test is known as a five-panel drug test. The five-panel drug test looks for the drugs most commonly used, like marijuana and opiates. Many Loveland drug testing centers also have more powerful testing capabilities. They can look for alcohol or barbiturates, for instance. You can select the type of test that you believe is more relevant to your circumstances.

You also have the opportunity to select different testing methods via the specimen you wish to be collected. Possible specimens for collection may include:

  • Urine is commonly collected because it reveals information about past drug use without being too invasive. Plus, the collection of urine is fairly cheap.
  • Saliva is commonly used to assess a brief window of past drug use.  Its collection is simple, quick, and affordable.
  • Blood is not as commonly collected as other testing specimens, but the only reason for this is the fact that testing can be so expensive and invasive.
  •  Many people prefer to use hair as a means of testing for drug use because it provides such an in-depth history of substance abuse.
  • Perspiration – Sweat is a new method of specimen collection. Collecting this specimen provides a brief window of drug use history and requires that the individual being tested wear a patch on his or her skin for a period of time.

Before you decide to go with a particular drug testing center, you should focus on some key characteristics. These include:

  • Results – Every good testing center should provide accurate results you can count on. The Department of Health and Human Services can provide you with certification information.
  • Speed – The best testing centers offer results fast when you need them. There is no need to be waiting for your results for a long time.
  • Privacy – Some matters are best left private. Ensure that the drug testing center you select is dedicated to keeping your information private.
  • Professionalism – Many centers provide a sense of professionalism and experience that allows you to feel at ease with a facility.

You will find so many different reasons to test an individual for drug use. Here are just a few:

  • An individual is offered a position at a company under the condition that he or she can pass a drug test.
  • Some places of employment require employees to have annual physicals, which may include drug testing.
  • Reasonable suspicion prompts an employer to test employees in the workplace.
  • Accidents at work may prompt a boss to test employees for substance use.
  • An individual has gone through substance abuse treatment and undergoes testing to prove that treatment was effective.
  • Individuals on probation may require regular drug testing.
  • Educational facilities and sports teams often require individuals to test before events.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Finding reliable Loveland drug testing centers in your area is sometimes as easy as using the web to search. With so many different testing facilities available, you may need some extra help finding the right center for you. Here are a few ways to find reliable drug testing options:

  • Your regular doctor may be able to recommend good drug testing facilities in your area, especially based on your medical history and needs.
  • Insurance companies often have information about drug testing centers and ways you can pay less for excellent treatment and service.
  • Read online reviews about drug testing facilities and even treatment centers in your area. You can learn a lot from the web.

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