Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Englewood, Colorado

There is little doubt that marriages and families are under a great deal of stress in modern society. When tensions in a marriage or family increase, it may seem as if the problems are insurmountable. This is when marriage counseling and family therapy can help.

Marriage and family therapy in Englewood, Colorado is a type of psychotherapy that addresses behaviors and attitudes of family members and explores how those attitudes and behaviors affect everyone in the family. In most cases, marriage and family therapy may involve both group sessions and individual sessions for each family member.

Marriage and family therapy is used to address many issues that are common to modern families, including:

  • Spousal conflict
  • Conflict between parents and children
  • Communication issues
  • Intimacy issues and sexual dysfunction
  • Eldercare concerns
  • Grief
  • Financial issues

In some cases, a problem that one family member faces becomes a problem for the entire family. For instance, if one family member is dealing with mental illness or is in need of substance abuse treatment in Englewood, the entire family is likely to suffer. Family therapy and marriage therapy can help family members to work together to heal the wounds of mental illness or addiction.

Marriage Counseling In Englewood, CO

Marriage counseling in Englewood is highly effective for couples at many stages in their relationship, from couples who are seeking greater intimacy in their marriage to couples who are on the brink of separation and divorce. Research studies show that marriage therapy is useful in treating many mental and emotional issues. Some couples report that marriage counseling helps them in other aspects of life as well, including relationships with extended family, co-workers, and community members at large. Couples also report improved overall health and social life.

While the goal of marriage counseling is to heal the relationship between the couple, in reality, marriage counseling also helps each individual partner work on areas of self-improvement and self-awareness.

Englewood Marriage Therapy

With the guidance of an Englewood marriage therapist, couples work together to set goals and devise strategies for reaching those goals. By working together in this way, couples learn new ways to solve problems, handle conflicts, and communicate with each other.

As couples learn to communicate, conflicts may arise in therapy sessions. This is perfectly normal and is part of the process. The marriage therapist will remain neutral during such conflicts and will guide the couple toward a peaceful resolution. This models the correct way to resolve problems and also helps the couple learn to become better listeners and communicators.

Sometimes, a therapist may suggest that each partner in the marriage can come in for private counseling as well. If this happens, a commitment and dedication to the process can help both partners take full advantage of the services offered and build a stronger, healthier relationship.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

For marriage counseling in Englewood to succeed, both partners must feel comfortable with the counselor. To that end, look for a marriage counselor who:

  • Has the training and credentials to offer effective marriage counseling
  • Is experienced in counseling couples with problems similar to your own
  • Works with both partners to set goals and devise a plan for therapy
  • Is compassionate, neutral in conflicts, and able to maintain control of the sessions
  • Is genuinely interested in hearing feedback about the therapy approach
  • Is located in an area convenient to you
  • Offers affordable services and payment options

Family Therapy Englewood, CO

You often think of families as “rocks,” but in truth, they are always changing. They grow, they shrink,  their individual members overcome obstacles or face challenges, and as they change, so do their dynamics. This can be extremely difficult for many families, not least because these changes can sometimes arrive unexpectedly, or circumstances such as mental illness can drastically change the behavior of everyone in the family.

Family therapy in Englewood is designed to help families overcome these challenges. An effective family therapist will help families form better bonds and understand each other better.

Englewood Family Counseling

Just like marriage counseling, family counseling is not about deciding who is “right” in a dispute, but rather ensuring everyone in the family can understand the perspective of each member. For example, if a member of the family passes away, even the strongest, closest families will have a wide number of reactions to it, and the complicated process of grief may lead to conflict where none existed before.

Family counseling in Englewood will help family members understand each other more clearly, learn new problem-solving skills, develop new methods of communicating with each other, and strengthen the bonds of the family for a healthier, happier home environment.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

The key to an effective family counselor is that the entire family has trust in the counselor. Ideally, the counselor will be able to interact with every member both in a group and individually as needed to be effective. Families often find referrals through someone who knows the family well, such as their family doctor, their insurer, or a family friend.

Regardless of how they are found, family counseling and marriage therapy are positive steps toward building stronger, loving relationships. By caring for each other and working to understand each other, you can strengthen bonds and have a healthier home environment. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to find out about counseling and therapy resources in the Englewood area.