Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Broomfield, Colorado

Anyone who wants to know the truth about substance abuse needs good information that can be used during the treatment and recovery process. Families, companies, or individuals who need reliable information on the kinds of substances being abused by an individual should start by contacting one of the many Broomfield drug testing centers.

These drug testing centers are staffed by experts who are very precise in what they do. When you find the right facility for your needs, you will be able to get the information you need quickly. That means that you can take action quickly and get the individual being tested into the right addiction treatment program in Broomfield and the surrounding area.

Broomfield Drug Testing Centers

The work done at Broomfield drug testing centers brings reliable information to the people who need it as quickly as possible. There are, however, a few things you should know before you decide which drug testing facility to use.

The type of test you need depends on the drugs for which you want to screen and the type of specimen that will be collected for the test.

Most Broomfield drug testing centers administer the popular 5-panel drug test, which looks for the presence of amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, marijuana, and opiates. Some testing facilities also offer additional tests for drugs like benzos, alcohol, and barbiturates.

As for the specimens commonly collected for drug testing, there are five common types:

  • Urine is the most commonly used specimen, as testing is cost-effective and noninvasive for the subject.
  • Saliva is also a popular choice for the same reasons. However, a saliva test is only accurate within a short period of time of the actual ingestion of a drug.
  • Blood is also used for testing, but because of its invasive nature and cost, this type of testing is not always done. Blood testing, however, is considered the most accurate testing available.
  • Hair is used to determine a person’s history of drug use since evidence of drug use is stored in hair for a long period of time.
  • Perspiration is a new type of specimen for testing. To perform the test, an adhesive patch is worn by the test subject for a two-week period. Then, the patch is removed and examined by Broomfield drug testing professionals for signs of drug use found in sweat.

You can start your search with drug testing organizations that have been in business in the Broomfield area for a while. In order to stay in business in the drug testing industry, a company has to be known for reliable results delivered quickly. Companies with successful histories should be at the top of your search list.

SAMHSA provides a list of testing centers certified by the Department of Health and Human Services that you can use to find facilities in the area that meet HHS standards for accuracy.

In addition to accurate results, the drug testing center you choose in Broomfield should have a strong privacy policy in place to prevent the sharing of your test results with any unauthorized individuals and should provide results to you quickly as well.

The drug testing facilities Broomfield families and companies turn to are used for a variety of reasons. School districts will often do drug screening for athletes as young as middle school to try and stop a substance abuse problem before it begins. Companies do drug testing for pre-screening of new hires and for certain types of employees such as long-distance drivers and heavy equipment operators. Insurance companies will often do drug tests immediately after accidents to see if a substance abuse issue might have been a contributing factor in the accident. Court systems also use drug testing for parolees to ensure abstinence from drugs. Substance abuse programs may also require those enrolled to participate in regular drug testing to help ensure continued sobriety.

Parents may opt to test their children for suspected drug use in a proactive effort to help their children avoid addiction and other serious consequences of drug abuse.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Regardless of the reason you need drug testing, you can begin your search for the right facility online with search phrases like “drug testing near me” or “drug testing facilities in Broomfield.” If online searches provide too many choices and you need to narrow them down, try these resources:

  • Speak to your primary care physician, who can provide you with information about local testing facilities.
  • Call your insurance provider to find out about Broomfield drug test centers that may be covered under your insurance policy.
  • Talk with others who have had drug testing done in your area and may be able to offer a recommendation.
  • Call The Recovery Village, whose representatives are well-informed about drug testing and other addiction treatment resources in Broomfield and surrounding areas.