Finding an Interventionist in Aurora, Colorado

People commonly believe that an intervention is only to talk an individual who has a substance use problem into treatment. However, an intervention does more than that. The goal is to also help the family resume control over their lives.

Effective interventions in Aurora, Colorado start with the family. Families have to see how the substance user has made them take on unhealthy roles that enable that user. Once members of the family understand how to take on healthy roles, this empowers them to help their loved one get help in a structured addiction treatment program in Aurora or nearby.

Finding an intervention counselor around Aurora with experience in dealing with the substance being used is a good idea. It is also important that the interventionist be made aware of any of the loved one’s special problems such as a tendency toward violence. In this way, the interventionist can provide support that is appropriate.

Intervention for an addiction is deeply personal for the individual with the substance use disorder and the other participants as well. This makes it important to locate an interventionist who is a good match. Credentials and experience are important, but personality matters too. Because the participants in the intervention are the ones who are closest to the loved one who needs help, they are the people who are most capable of finding an interventionist in Aurora who would appeal most to that person.

An Aurora drug interventionist might want to have a telephone interview initially to learn more about the individual who needs help. This is an opportunity to learn about what services the interventionist provides.

Questions that might be considered during interviews are:

  • Are you experienced in this type of substance addiction?
  • What type of intervention will be used?
  • What preparation is needed?
  • If the person who needs an intervention says no, what happens then?
  • Following the intervention, what happens?

The responses to these questions can let you know a lot about the style and approach of the intervention counselors in Aurora.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Aurora, CO

Aurora drug interventions that are effective work toward changing how family members look at codependency, accountability, and enabling. When family members change their behaviors, they can assist in guiding their loved one toward treatment. People with substance use problems are adept at manipulating their families so they can remain comfortable with the addiction. In this way, help is never sought, and the loved one never sees the need for treatment.

It is a struggle for families to talk to, fix, or alter the family member’s way of thinking or behavior on their own. Some families believe that a new job or meeting someone special might bring a change for the better. However, those with substance use problems can manipulate emotions to solidify the addiction, even if it harms the family.

Aurora, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Many Aurora intervention counselors use these steps in the process of intervention:

Step 1: First Consultation: Normally, an intervention counselor in Aurora begins with a phone consultation to find out why the loved one is comfortable in his or her addiction.

To be effective interventionists, counselors must work toward agreement between family members who might have different opinions. Many of them may have been indirectly or directly taught enabling behaviors by their loved one.

Step 2: Teach the Family: The process of intervention is not solely to convince a substance user to seek help through entry into a program. Counselors help by educating family members and working to ensure successful long-term recovery and healing for the loved one and his or her family.

Unfortunately, many treatment centers, therapists, and interventionists think an individual with a substance use problem has to hit bottom before being helped. This is untrue and dangerous. A loved one is not likely to hit bottom if the family is supportive in the addiction.

Step 3: Getting Started: Waiting to have an intervention allows the loved one to become even more comfortable in his or her addiction as the family continues to suffer. Waiting only makes change harder. A good interventionist will encourage the family to move forward as quickly as possible to get the healing process started.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

An alcohol intervention is a common occurrence. Aurora offers many intervention counselors who can aid someone seeking help. Since alcohol is legal, it can be more difficult for someone with an alcohol use problem to see it as harmful. This makes intervention harder without the assistance of a professional.

Drug intervention dealing with alcohol misuse in Aurora is not focused on the drinking itself but on the negative actions and behaviors the drinking causes and the impact it has on the family. Many alcoholics deny any problem and think their problems are due to other things. They can be self-absorbed and stubborn, blaming others for their problems. These characteristics are common in substance users.

Many families are adversely affected by a loved one with an alcohol use problem. A program of intervention helps families toward recovery. This is through helping their loved one enter a treatment center and making positive changes when they are back home. With the support and guidance of intervention counselors in Aurora, the family will know that needed help is available. Some of the things to look into when searching for an interventionist include:

  • Insurance Coverage: If your insurance policy covers professional help for addiction, it helps cut the cost of treatment.
  • Physician Recommendation: The family doctor may be able to recommend a qualified counselor or alcohol interventionist.
  • Personal Recommendation: Friends and family members who have been through an intervention or sought counseling may make recommendations.
  • Referrals Online: A quick search online can provide a list of counselors and alcohol interventionists in your area. There are also online locators to help find area counseling.

Turning to a counselor or alcohol interventionist in Aurora to seek help for yourself or a loved one with an addiction is a positive step toward a healthy future. Take that step today; reach out to The Recovery Village to find interventionists in the Aurora area.