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Kodiak, Alaska, is a beautiful city known for attractions like the Erskine House and Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. No one would ever guess that there are many residents who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Substance abuse is a problem the haunts our entire country, especially Alaska, which is found to be one of the top 10 states for illicit drug use in the country.

Substances like heroin have had a rise in popularity over the past decade as more and more people are misusing prescription medications that are chemically similar like oxycodone. So many people don’t seek treatment because of the stigma associated with drug and alcohol addiction in America, but we know that substance use disorder is a disease that needs to be treated.

There is hope if you need to seek treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction. There are many addiction specialists in your area dedicated to helping you find the help you need.

To learn more about recovery and rehabilitation, please continue to read this guide.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

fatal drug overdoses in 2015

In the United States, there were over 50,000 deaths due to drug overdoses in 2015. This is a harrowing statistic. Despite this discouraging number, millions of Americans are seeking treatment at national treatment centers like The Recovery Village. Give us a call, and find your opportunity to heal.

Finding Help in Kodiak

Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers in Kodiak, Alaska

When you are thinking about exploring your options for drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment facilities in Kodiak, there are a number of opportunities. Discovering which treatment program will be the most effective is the first step you want to take. Everyone has a different situation. Figuring out the treatment program that will benefit you specifically is critical. It’s important to ask yourself several questions before you decide on a treatment program. What does your insurance cover? Do you need to detoxify your body? What is your addiction history?

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    This treatment program will include medical supervision (24 hours a day), group and individual therapy, healing activities like yoga and meditation, 12-step work and substance misuse classes. Patients will have already completed any required detox, and patients will stay in the facility.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    This treatment program will include medical supervision, group and individual therapy, healing activities like yoga and meditation, 12-step work and substance misuse classes. Patients will have already completed any necessary detox, and they may go home in the evenings.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    This treatment program will include minimal medical care, group and individual therapy, healing activities like yoga and meditation, 12-step work and substance misuse classes. Patients in this program will not need detox and will stay at home or in housing provided on campus.

One of the best things about a national treatment center like The Recovery Village is the fact that there are many addiction specialists on staff to help you formulate an individualized treatment plan.

Detox Centers

In Kodiak, detox centers are available. Substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates require more detox than other substances. Before you can start a treatment program, if you require detoxification, you’ll need to do that. You might be tempted to use again if you go through withdrawal symptoms on your own. You will be able to make it through any withdrawal symptoms with the assistance of a detox center.

Detoxification is only the physical aspect of defeating an addiction, however. In a detox center, you will not receive psychological, emotional, mental or spiritual addiction treatment, which is often more important. Choosing a treatment center that allows for a residential treatment program immediately following detox is the best action to take. You will be able to begin doing the heavy lifting in a treatment program.

In a national treatment center like The Recovery Village, there are detox programs as well as treatment programs. Also, aftercare programs are established so that patients can avoid relapse.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other groups like SMART Recovery can play an important role in your aftercare. Read on for more information about these groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is the most revered recovery group in the world. Established in 1935, AA has been helping recovering alcoholics to stay sober for decades. AA is a fellowship of both men and women who share experiences with each other. Meetings are mostly open to the public, and they are free to attend. Studies have shown that those who regularly attend meetings are more likely to stay sober. There are meetings all over the world. Here are some meetings in the Kodiak area.

  • Primary Purpose Group
    St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church
    421 Thorsheim St.
    Kodiak, AK 99615

  • Nooners Group
    Brother Francis Shelter
    410 Thorsheim St.
    Kodiak, AK 99615

  • New Beginnings Group
    Brother Francis Shelter
    410 Thorsheim St.
    Kodiak, AK 99615

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Those who are addicted to harder drugs may attend Narcotics Anonymous, which is another 12-step program. The 12 steps of NA are the same as the 12 steps of AA. They ask members to turn their addictions over to a higher power, admit to previous mistakes and reach out to others that may still be suffering. There are over 67,000 NA meetings in 139 countries. Unfortunately, there are not currently any NA meetings in the Kodiak area. However, new chapters of NA are beginning all of the time.


SMART Recovery Meetings

Self-Management for Addiction Recovery or SMART Recovery is the largest program that provides those who are suffering from addiction with an alternative to the 12 steps. It discourages looking outward to a higher power to conquer addiction, and it focuses on self-reliance and self-empowerment. SMART Recovery uses a 4-point system that includes building motivation, living a balanced life, managing emotions and behaviors and coping with urges. While there are not currently any meetings in the Kodiak area, there are many meetings online on their website.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon (established in 1951) and Nar-Anon (established in 1968) are the 12-step groups that are specifically for friends, relatives and loved ones of those in recovery. Supporting someone in recovery can be emotionally exhausting, and these people often need to be supported themselves. In meetings, the children, parents, spouses, siblings, relatives and friends of those in recovery get together to share their experiences. Unfortunately, there are not currently any Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings near Kodiak. However, new chapters of these groups start all the time.

If you would like to find drug addiction treatment in Kodiak, Alaska, it may also be wise to look to surrounding cities. Alaska has several recovery resources.

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