Librium Addiction Withdrawal & Detox

Librium is the brand name of a generic anti-anxiety prescription drug called chlordiazepoxide. This drug is used to not only treat anxiety disorders, but it can also be used to help treat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Librium is classified as a benzodiazepine. These drugs impact the brain by slowing down activity. It’s intended for use to treat short-term, severe and debilitating anxiety which may be situational. It can also be used to treat anxiety that occurs with insomnia or with a short-term illness.

When someone takes Librium, it acts on their brain’s GABA receptors. The GABA neurotransmitter is responsible for calming the nerve activity in the brain and keeping it balanced, thus the effects of a drug like Librium include the reduction of anxiety as well as sleepiness and muscle relaxation.

Despite the therapeutic applications of Librium, it is only intended for short-term use because it has a high potential for both dependence and abuse. People may abuse Librium because they enjoy the pleasant sense of relaxation they experience when using it, and some people may also have a sense of euphoria with the use of the drug.

There are common side effects of Librium including sedation, drowsiness, confusion, and dizziness. Some of the rarer side effects of Librium include low blood pressure, visual disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, urination problems sexual disorders and headache. In some people who take Librium, there may also be an opposite reaction to what the drug is intended to. Instead of having a calming effect the Librium may instead increase agitation or hostility.

Librium Addiction Withdrawal | Detox Now!
The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be severe and even deadly, and Librium is one of a few medications that are frequently used to create a safe and more tolerable withdrawal experience for alcoholics.

Some of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can be treated by Librium include tremors, tachycardia, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, coordination problems, and vomiting. Librium is largely considered one of the most effective benzos used during detox from alcohol, especially when paired with anticonvulsants.

One of the reasons Librium addiction withdrawal treatment is preferred over other benzos is because it has a longer half-life. Medical research and trials have also shown it’s better at treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms than other drugs like chlorpromazine and hydroxyzine.

Without proper detox and medicines like Librium, withdrawal from alcoholism can lead to anything from anxiety to hallucinations. Delirium tremens is one of the most severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and it includes hypothermia, hypertension, and hallucinations. Librium can help deal with not only the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal but can also help improve their emotional well-being.

With Librium alcohol withdrawal treatment, patients are monitored closely, and higher doses may be initially prescribed than what would be given for anxiety. There are various dosing guidelines for Librium used for alcohol withdrawal, but if someone were to drink while taking it, it could be dangerous or fatal.

Even when Librium is used for alcohol withdrawal, it shouldn’t be taken for extended periods of time because of the risk for abuse and dependence.

Unfortunately, while Librium used for alcohol withdrawal can be effective, it’s possible to become addicted and dependent on Librium as well.

Librium withdrawal symptoms can include tremors, depression, agitation, psychosis, and amplification of symptoms like anxiety that the drug was initially used to treat. When people take Librium, particularly for more than a couple of weeks, it’s recommended that they stop using it by following a professionally guided tapering schedule. Even following a prescription for Librium exactly for a period of six weeks can lead to withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it.

It’s important to seek professional help to stop using Librium and detox from this benzo, regardless of the reasons you initially started using it.

Librium Addiction Withdrawal
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