Treatment Options for Evekeo Addiction Symptoms

Evekeo is a prescription stimulant medication. The generic name of Evekeo is amphetamine sulfate. Evekeo is primarily prescribed to adults and children to treat the symptoms of ADHD. Evekeo can also be used to treat narcolepsy and, less commonly, obesity. Evekeo stimulates the central nervous system and changes the amount of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s a short-acting amphetamine that is a controlled substance in the U.S. There is a risk of abuse and addiction with Evekeo, particularly when someone is recreationally abusing it. Some signs of Evekeo addiction can include using it without a prescription, continuing to take it even when there are adverse effects, and trying to stop using Evekeo unsuccessfully. Treatment options for Evekeo addiction symptoms range from a medical detox and inpatient care to outpatient addiction treatment.

Evekeo Medical Detox

Evekeo is a drug that can lead to both addiction and dependence. Amphetamine dependence occurs when the brain and central nervous system become dependent upon the presence and action of the drug. For example, someone’s brain may stop making its own norepinephrine and dopamine with long-term amphetamine use. When someone is dependent upon amphetamines like Evekeo and they stop using them “cold turkey” or suddenly, they may go through withdrawal. Stimulant withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to more severe, and can include psychosis or hallucinations. An Evekeo medical detox may be necessary before starting addiction treatment. During an Evekeo medical detox, a patient can receive care to ensure that they stay safe and comfortable. An Evekeo medical detox is not the same as addiction treatment, however. Addiction treatment is an in-depth treatment that focuses on therapy and other treatment elements.

Evekeo Rehabilitation Program

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, any drug treatment program should be based on the concept that addiction is a treatable, chronic disease. Addiction affects the brain as well as the physical and social health of the person, so these elements need to be considered during treatment. An Evekeo rehabilitation program aims to help someone not only stop using the drug and any other substances they’re abusing, but also stay drug-free. An Evekeo rehabilitation program should also help patients learn how to once again be productive in their lives. Some other important principles of addiction treatment include the recognition that not every treatment approach is right for every person, and that treatment should holistically address the entire person.

Inpatient Evekeo Rehab

Inpatient Evekeo rehab is also called residential treatment. Most inpatient Evekeo rehab programs will include behavioral counseling, evaluation and treatment for any mental health disorders that may also exist, provide medications when necessary, and offer long-term care planning. An inpatient Evekeo rehab program needs to be highly individualized for it to be successful. During inpatient Evekeo rehab, patients receive constant support and supervision. It’s a highly focused, controlled environment that is beneficial for many people who are struggling with addiction. Inpatient Evekeo rehab can last for a few weeks up to a few months and, in some cases, even longer. Inpatient Evekeo rehab tends to be a very effective treatment option due to its structure and the overall intensive approach used in these facilities.

Outpatient Evekeo Rehab

Another option is an outpatient Evekeo rehab. Outpatient rehab usually includes a variety of therapy sessions, however, participants continue their daily lives, including school or work. Outpatient Evekeo rehab is likely to focus primarily on behavioral therapy and often includes group and family therapy as well. Outpatient Evekeo rehab doesn’t include the structured environment of inpatient treatment. It’s often used as part of a larger treatment plan that begins with inpatient rehab and then gradually moves to outpatient treatment.

Choosing an Evekeo Rehab Center

Since there are so many decisions to make when it comes to addiction treatment, people tend to wonder how to make the right choice for their own care, or for the treatment of a family member. There are some considerations and questions that can help guide the decision:

  • Whether it’s an inpatient or outpatient center, does the rehab facility have a thorough understanding of how to treat stimulant addiction? Does it recognize that stimulant addiction is unique from an addiction to central nervous system depressants?
  • Does the Evekeo rehab center offer dual diagnoses for co-occurring mental and physical health conditions?
  • Is the rehab center located far from the participant’s home? This can be beneficial for some people with severe addictions who need to leave their environment and be immersed in their treatment program.
  • Does the program include a medical detox?
  • What is the cost of the program, and can the costs be fully or partially covered by insurance?

With addiction, there is always a first step that puts you on the path to recovery. We’re here now if you’re ready to take that first step by contacting us.

Medical Disclaimer

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