For qualified plan holders, we accept Cigna insurance for alcohol, drug and substance abuse rehab, detoxification and therapeutic services. Cigna offers coverage for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment services under many of their health insurance plans; however, the benefits for substance abuse disorders may be different than medical benefits.

Customers who have an insurance policy with Cigna are encouraged to call the phone number on their policy identification card and find out what is covered under their specific policy and how they can get a referral for what they need.

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Substance abuse treatment services covered

Cigna offers coverage for a range of behavioral health services for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Your health care provider is expected to determine which of these services is most appropriate in your case based on your symptoms and circumstance. According to Cigna, “care management staff” will evaluate the referral request generated by your physician and conclude if the recommended care will be covered per their standard review processes.

  • Outpatient services

    that are covered by some or all of Cigna’s health insurance policy plans include:

    • Personal therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Intensive outpatient care programs
    • Medication management for detox from alcohol or other drugs
    • Medication to help reduce cravings for alcohol and other drugs
  • Inpatient services

    covered by some of Cigna’s health insurance policies include:

Again, not all of these substance abuse treatment services are available under all plans. Also, not all customers will be approved for the above services if the issue is deemed not medically necessary according to their evaluation criteria, even if they are covered and a physician requests a referral. As Cigna states explicitly, placement in residential addiction treatment programs is “excluded under many Cigna benefit plans and may be governed by federal and/or state mandates.”

Services for family members

For those who have an addicted family member, Cigna often covers support services. If you are in crisis over a loved one’s drug or alcohol use, the following may be available to you under your policy:

  • Al-Anon
  • Family therapy with your addicted loved one or at your addicted loved one’s treatment program
  • Individual therapy
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Some substance abuse treatment services do not require preauthorization. The specific services that this applies to will vary from policy to policy. A phone call to the number found on the back of your insurance identification card will connect you with a customer service representative who can tell which services are covered in your case and which ones require preauthorization.

Coverage will also be determined by your choice of provider. If the provider is in the Cigna network, more of the cost will be covered, though you may be required to pay a copay. If the provider is out of the Cigna network, part of the cost that remains after you pay your deductible may be covered. If you call for assistance, you can find out whether or not your provider of choice is in the Cigna network. Customer assistance is available 24 hours a day.

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