Cocaine is an illegal stimulant with side effects that can be potentially life-threatening. According to the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 2.2 million people regularly consumed cocaine during that year.

When combined with other substances, the side effects of cocaine can increase and additional side effects can develop. For example, when mixing cocaine with alcohol, someone may forget how much cocaine they’ve consumed because of the effects of alcohol.

Cocaine and Commonly Abused Drugs

Cocaine and Prescribed or Over-the-Counter Drugs

Cocaine and Drug Mixing Statistics

Cocaine is reportedly the most commonly used drug among people who engage in polysubstance abuse. According to one study, the estimated prevalence of people who participate in simultaneous cocaine and alcohol use is approximately 74 percent.

Why Do People Mix Cocaine and Other Drugs?

People who use a combination of drugs at once have various reasons for doing so, including:

  • To amplify the desired effects of a substance
  • To reduce the adverse side effects of stimulants like anxiety and agitation, which is common among people who combine cocaine with a depressant like alcohol or marijuana
  • To sleep better, which is common among people who mix cocaine and benzodiazepines

The reasons someone engages in polysubstance abuse aren’t as important as the potential risks and dangers associated with it. Treatment for polysubstance abuse including cocaine use is available at treatment centers like The Recovery Village.

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