Cocaine Addiction Related Topics

Are you seeking help for cocaine addiction? Did you know there are 24-hour confidential hotlines staffed with professionals who can guide you down the road to recovery or simply offer a listening ear? Do you want to know more about the signs and symptoms associated with cocaine addiction? Whatever questions you have, you can find the answers here. Simply type the information you’re seeking in the text box below for a list of links related to your question.

Cocaine Related Topics

Cocaine HotlineOur toll-free, confidential 24-hour cocaine hotline for family members and people with cocaine addiction and abuse. National helplines for those in the U.S.
Top 5 Risks of Cocaine Use and AbuseCocaine is a plant that contains naturally occurring stimulant properties – some of the most powerful stimulant substances that are produced in nature.
How to Tell If Someone is High on CokeThere are many ways to tell if someone is high on coke. Symptoms include hyperactivity and moving and talking fast. Get help for cocaine addiction today.
Cocaine Overdose Amount, Signs & TreatmentWith the threat of cocaine overdose always a possibility, here are signs and symptoms to look out for when you or a loved one partakes in this deadly toxin.
Interactions Between Cocaine and Beta BlockersBeta blockers are also referred to as beta-adrenergic blocking agents, and they can treat many different conditions ranging from migraines to high blood pressure. Beta-blockers stop the impact of epinephrine, which is a hormone more commonly known as adrenaline, and in doing so, they reduce blood pressure.
Cocaine Eyes Signs & SymptomsThe following provides an overview of some of the ways cocaine affects the brain and also signs someone is using cocaine.
Cocaine PsychosisAn overview of cocaine and a condition frequently referred to as cocaine psychosis or cocaine-induced psychosis.
Cocaine Dangers and Effects on the BrainThese topics are explored below, and answers to specific questions such as “does cocaine kill brain cells” are also detailed below.
Dangers of Cocaine Cutting AgentsLearning how to cut cocaine may be beneficial for drug dealers and their bottom line, but it can be extremely risky for people who use their drugs.
Injecting Cocaine Side Effects & DangersThe answer is yes, you can inject cocaine, and this is also called shooting cocaine. However, this is even riskier in most cases than snorting the drug.
Risks and Dangers of CocaineThe following is an overview of what cocaine is and the dangers of cocaine.
Dangers of Smoking Coke and EffectsWhy do people smoke cocaine, and are there more risks associated with using the drug in this way, even as compared to snorting it as an example?
Cocaine while Pregnant: What you need to knowTaking cocaine while pregnant could result in premature birth, meaning the mother will not carry the baby for the full term. The result of a premature birth due to cocaine use can affect how the baby’s brain develops.
Snorting CocaineSnorting cocaine can cause serious damage to your nose, among other risks. Here are many of the risks of snorting cocaine.
Cocaine Use and DepressionMany who struggle with depression use cocaine for relief. But for those who use cocaine, depression the next day can become part of a familiar and worrisome pattern.