Cocaine Addiction Related Topics

Are you seeking help for cocaine addiction? Did you know there are 24-hour confidential hotlines staffed with professionals who can guide you down the road to recovery or simply offer a listening ear? Do you want to know more about the signs and symptoms associated with cocaine addiction? Whatever questions you have, you can find the answers here. Simply type the information you’re seeking in the text box below for a list of links related to your question.

Cocaine Related Topics

Cocaine HotlineOur toll-free, confidential 24-hour cocaine hotline for family members and people with cocaine addiction and abuse. National helplines for those in the U.S.
Top 5 Dangers of Cocaine AbuseKnowing the tops risks of cocaine use can help people understand the physical, psychological and financial dangers that come with using the drug.
How to Tell If Someone is High on CokeThere are many ways to tell if someone is high on coke. Symptoms include hyperactivity and moving and talking fast. Get help for cocaine addiction today.
Cocaine and Beta BlockersCocaine makes beta blockers less effective at treating blood pressure or heart rate issues because it has the opposite effect of beta blockers.
Cocaine and XanaxCocaine is often used in combination with other drugs. What happens when you combine cocaine and Xanax? Learn about the risks of mixing cocaine and Xanax.
Cocaine PsychosisAn overview of cocaine and a condition frequently referred to as cocaine psychosis or cocaine-induced psychosis.
Cocaine Dangers and Effects on the BrainThese topics are explored below, and answers to specific questions such as “does cocaine kill brain cells” are also detailed below.
Risks and Dangers of CocaineThe following is an overview of what cocaine is and the dangers of cocaine.
Cocaine while Pregnant: What you need to knowTaking cocaine while pregnant could result in premature birth, meaning the mother will not carry the baby for the full term. The result of a premature birth due to cocaine use can affect how the baby’s brain develops.
Snorting CocaineWhat are the specific dangers of snorting cocaine? Learn about the physical risks associated with snorting cocaine and how to find treatment for addiction.
Cocaine Use and DepressionMany who struggle with depression use cocaine for relief. But for those who use cocaine, depression the next day can become part of a familiar and worrisome pattern.
Cocaine and Gambling AddictionAre you suffering from cocaine and gambling addictions? Learn more about how cocaine and gambling addictions co-occur and how they’re treated.
Cocaine and Drug MixingLearn how mixing cocaine with other drugs can increase the potential risks and dangers associated with polysubstance abuse.
Cocaine StatisticsAre you or a loved one suffering from cocaine addiction? Learn more about cocaine abuse statistics in the United States and how you can receive treatment.
Cocaine and Mental Health DisordersLearn more about using cocaine if someone has a mental health disorder and how it can amplify the effects of a psychological issue.
Cocaine and Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake DisorderAvoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder is more than just being picky with food. Using cocaine can make symptoms of this disorder worse.
Cocaine Use and Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD)Cocaine can cause antisocial behaviors like violence, stealing, lying and criminal activity. These may also be symptoms of a condition called antisocial behavioral disorder.
Cocaine and Adjustment DisorderHow are cocaine use and adjustment disorder related? Find out how adjustment disorder can raise your risk of cocaine addiction and how cocaine use worsens adjustment disorder.
Cocaine and Dependent Personality DisorderHow are cocaine use and dependent personality disorder related? Find out how cocaine use can make dependent personality disorder worse.
Cocaine and Exercise AddictionWhat is an exercise addiction and does cocaine make it worse? Some athletes start using cocaine to help their performance and end up addicted.
Cocaine and Eating DisordersWorried that cocaine might cause an eating disorder? Cocaine is a potent appetite suppressant and causes weight loss. Learn how it intertwines with eating disorders.
Cocaine Use and ClaustrophobiaPanic attacks are often observed in individuals suffering from claustrophobia. Learn if cocaine can induce panic attacks or even contribute to causing claustrophobia.
5 Ways Cocaine Does Not Benefit SocializationHow a cocaine addict reflects on the social aspects of their addiction: From their experience, cocaine is actually not a benefit to socializing.
Beating Back Cocaine Addiction with ExerciseCocaine is considered one of the world's most addictive substances, and studies have shown that exercise can play a crucial role in recovery.
Cocaine and Borderline Personality DisorderLearn about how borderline personality disorder and cocaine addiction are related, and what treatment options are available.

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