Benzodiazepine Addiction Related Topics

Interested in learning more about benzo addiction? Use the search box below to type in a topic, and click on the link of interest to you. If you’re struggling with benzo addiction and in need of immediate professional treatment, call The Recovery Village today to speak with an intake coordinator who can guide you down the road to recovery.

Benzodiazepine Related Topics

Benzodiazepines and AnxietyWhile taking benzodiazepines for anxiety may be effective, there are potential disadvantages that should not be ignored.
Benzodiazepines and DepressionWhile not typically an indicated use, benzodiazepines for depression have become more common.
Benzodiazepines and OCDBenzodiazepines like Xanax can cause obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms to worsen. Learn more about the relationship between benzos and OCD.
Benzodiazepines and PsychosisBenzodiazepine-induced psychosis is more common in severe benzodiazepine withdrawal, which can also include life-threatening medical risks.
Benzodiazepines and Bipolar DisorderBenzodiazepines (or benzos) aren't usually prescribed by doctors for bipolar disorder because they can worsen depressive symptoms.
Mixing Amphetamines & BenzodiazepinesCombining amphetamines and benzodiazepines can cause harm to the body and even lead to an overdose. Learn how these drugs interact.
Benzodiazepine HotlineOur free & confidential 24-hour benzodiazepine hotline for family members, friends and those with benzodiazepine addiction and abuse.
Benzodiazepines in PregnancyBenzodiazepine use during pregnancy can increase the risks of side effects like sedation and withdrawal in your baby. Learn what’s changed and more.
Benzodiazepine Overdose (OD)Benzodiazepine overdoses are common and deadly. Learn more about benzo overdose symptoms and what to do if you suspect someone is overdosing on benzos.
How to Taper off BenzodiazepinesLearn how a doctor may recommend tapering off benzos. Tapering can alleviate dangerous withdrawal symptoms and must be done with medical assistance.

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