Adderall Addiction Related Topics

Interested in learning more about Adderall addiction? Whether you’re seeking a hotline for Adderall addiction, or information about how this substance can trigger mental disorders, you can find answers here. Using the search box below, type the topic of interest to you and click “Search” for a list of relevant articles. The Recovery Village specializes in the treatment for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. If you have questions about treatment, call the number on this page to speak with an intake coordinator.

Adderall Related Topics

Mixing Adderall and AlcoholBecause Adderall is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant, the two essentially compete for control in the body resulting in negative side effects.
How to Taper off Adderall | Tapering off AdderallAn Adderall taper is a detox method than a user can start right away—reclaiming a life without an amphetamine-induced facade.
Concerta vs. Adderall | Dosage and HighWhat are the similarities and differences in Concerta vs. Adderall?
Adderall – Heart Risks and Other EffectsAdderall is a stimulant commonly used to treat ADHD, but the prescription medication is misused frequently. Learn how Adderall use can impact a person’s heart health.
Recreational Abuse of AdderallA culture has developed in high schools and universities across the nation to use Adderall as a study aid, enabling students to be more focused on their work and able to stay up for long stretches into the night without feeling the need to eat or rest.
Serotonin Syndrome – Adderall and SerotoninCombining Adderall with other serotonin-increasing drugs makes the risk of adverse side effects even greater.
Adderall Addiction Self-Assessment QuizThis self-guided assessment is created to help you evaluate the level of your Adderall use, but this quiz is not intended to replace a proper, clinical diagnosis of an Adderall addiction.
Adderall and Bipolar DisorderCo-Occurring bipolar and Adderall use disorder side effects can be serious as patients are at higher risk of suicidal ideation and attempts.
Adderall for PTSDAdderall treatment for PTSD is not particularly common. However, but more clinicians are becoming aware that the popular ADHD medication is an effective treatment option for some people with PTSD.
Adderall and OCDIn some cases, stimulant medications, such as Adderall, can exacerbate or cause symptoms of OCD. Addiction to Adderall combined with OCD only adds to the risk.
Adderall and SchizophreniaWhile many people know about the addictive nature of Adderall when not taken as prescribed or used recreationally, few people know about the Adderall-schizophrenia connection.
Adderall and Borderline Personality DisorderAdderall can cause adverse reactions in people with BPD. Learn about the risks of taking Adderall to treat borderline personality disorder.
Adderall and GamblingAdderall misuse can lead to gambling addiction and gambling problems can lead to Adderall misuse. Learn more about how the two health risks interact.
Adderall Use and Mental Health DisordersAdderall is intended to treat ADHD, but when misused, it can influence the development of other mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.
Adderall and Drug MixingLearn about the potentially dangerous effects of mixing Adderall with other substances, including prescription and illicit drugs.
Sex Addiction and AdderallPeople with sex addictions are more likely to abuse Adderall, which increases risk-taking behaviors. Learn more about the dangers and how these conditions are treated.
Adderall and Adjustment DisorderHow does Adderall affect adjustment disorder? Find out if the ADHD medication is beneficial to individuals living with an adjustment disorder following a major life change.
Work Addiction and AdderallFind out at what point a good work ethic is considered a work addiction and how some people utilize Adderall to fuel their work addictions.
Adderall and Body Dysmorphic DisorderPeople with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) often misuse Adderall to suppress appetite - the causes and effects of BDD and Adderall abuse.
Adderall PsychosisRegular Adderall use can result in psychosis and paranoia. Learn more about both symptoms here.
Adderall Dosage GuideAdderall comes in many different dosages and formulations. Learn more about the different dosages and how much is typically prescribed.
Adderall vs. VyvanseCompare the similarities and differences between Adderall vs. Vyvanse, including dosage, what they’re used for and how they impact the brain and body.
Adderall 10mgThe 10 mg dosage of Adderall is a common prescription. Learn more about this dosage’s effects, duration, uses and potential risks.
Adderall High | Adderall High Dosage and EffectsWhat happens when someone misuses Adderall to get high? Learn about what Adderall is meant to be used for, as well as the risks involved with misuse.
Adderall vs. RitalinAdderall and Ritalin are two very similar prescription drugs, so much so in fact that many people get them confused.

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