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Ultiva is the brand name of a drug generically called remifentanil. It is a synthetic opioid drug used during surgery for anesthesia and pain management. It is a highly potent drug with a fast onset of action that lasts for a short duration, meaning it works to rapidly sedate the patient but the effect does not linger for more than a few minutes. As such, other less potent anesthesia drugs are typically used to keep the patient asleep during procedures.

Because Ultiva is an opioid, it has the capability of producing euphoric effects and there have been reported cases of abuse by those using it for recreational purposes. What makes this drug extremely dangerous to abusers, aside from possible addiction, is the duration of the effects. Fast action without a long-lingering effect is a setup for further dosing to keep the high going. The potency of Ultiva when used as directed is high and comes with an extensive list of precautions to avoid complications, including failure of respiration or cardiac arrest. Abusers of Ultiva face an increased likelihood of encountering one or both of these conditions simultaneously and, without immediate medical attention, death from overdose is likely.

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