Learn 5 ways to make the most out of your upcoming stay in drug rehab so that you have a better chance of making it your last one.

A substance abuse treatment program, also known as drug rehab, is one of the most common ways to start the process of recovery from addiction.

Even for those who go to rehab willingly, a drug rehab program can be a scary and confusing time. No one likes feeling vulnerable and exposed, and detoxing from drugs and alcohol is not always the most pleasant experience.

It would be a shame to waste the time and expense of a treatment center stay when there is so much help placed in your path. Here are five ways to make the most out of your upcoming stay in drug rehab so that you have a better chance of making it your last one.

1. Keep an Open Mind

Whether it was your choice to attend rehab or not, once you are there, it is probably a good idea to make the most of your situation. If you walk into a treatment center with preconceived ideas about the experience, the staff, or the outcome, you are not giving yourself a chance to learn, grow, or recover. Holding onto negative or old ideas will close you off from the many opportunities that treatment centers have for addiction recovery. Instead, keep an open mind about the experience.

2. Follow the Rules

If there is one thing that addicts do not like: it’s rules. Treatment centers have some necessary rules, and you will need to follow all of them, even the ones with which you do not agree. Doing this demonstrates your willingness to recover from your addiction. It is also good practice in managing your behavior and your relationships with others.

3. Be Completely Honest

Addiction and honesty rarely go hand-in-hand. When you get clean and sober, this is one of the first things that has to change. It is virtually impossible to succeed in an addiction recovery program without honesty. When you decide to give up drugs and alcohol, it is time to let go of the lies, deception, and manipulation that drove your addiction.

4. Accept All of the Help Available

When you enter a substance abuse treatment program, you will be offered a wide range of help and therapies. Take advantage of everything that is placed in your path because you do not know which therapies are going to have the greatest impact until you try them. For some, group therapy is more beneficial, while others achieve the most benefits with cognitive behavioral therapy. If you have a co-occurring mental health disorder, you can receive treatment for this as well.

5. Develop Tools and Skills to Use When You Leave

It is natural to get comfortable and feel safe while in a protected drug rehab environment. There are no drugs or alcohol to tempt you, and everyone in your path encourages a recovery mindset. The real test begins when you walk out of a treatment center, so it is important that you develop tools, skills, and a plan for when you leave. A quality addiction treatment program will help you accomplish these goals.

Recovering from addiction is a complicated process that requires your participation. It likely took some time to damage your life with alcohol and drugs, and it is going to take some work to chart a firm path toward recovery. Fortunately, the comprehensive addiction treatment program at The Recovery Village can help. Contact one of our addiction specialists now to learn about admissions or discuss our drug rehab programs.

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