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The most potent narcotic drug created is called Sufenta (sufentanil). It is an anesthetic painkiller mostly found in use for surgery due to its strength – up to 80 times more than that of morphine. In the United States, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has classified it as a Schedule II controlled substance due to its strength and its high potential for addiction. It is closely regulated, and unlawful possession carries the steepest penalties available.

Aside from finding Sufenta in an operating room setting, it is sometimes made available to emergency medical personnel to treat battlefield or disaster-related conditions. It is also a main component of epidurals given to women giving birth or can be made available to individuals in the form of an intravenous drip system used to self-manage pain.

When used properly by an anesthesiologist, Sufenta works rapidly – knocking out the user immediately, and has an effect that can linger for close to two hours. This is what makes it helpful for surgery and emergency situations. However, it is sometimes abused by medical professionals who have access to it – typically using it themselves for the sedative effect. Because Sufenta is a narcotic, the user is prone to developing an addiction. As they continue use, a tolerance will build up in their body, requiring more of the drug to be used. Since this drug is already extremely potent, a buildup in a person’s body makes them not only more susceptible to addiction, but also greatly at risk for an overdose that can lead to death. This is because Sufenta, when taken in large doses, works to relax the respiratory system to the point of stoppage.

Whether you’ve used Sufenta yourself or know someone who has, you likely have questions about this narcotic drug. To learn more, check out our related topics or call a representative from The Recovery Village who can answer your questions about treatment options.

Sufenta Related Topics

Mixing Alcohol And Sufenta Side Effects, Interactions And BlackoutsSufenta is a brand-name drug intended only to be used in hospital and specialist medical settings. The active ingredient in Sufenta is sufentanil, which is a derivative of the opioid fentanyl.
Sufenta OverdoseSufenta is one of the most powerful opioids available that is approved for use in humans. Opioids any more powerful than Sufenta are only approved for veterinary use. The active ingredient in Sufenta is sufentanil, a derivative of fentanyl. Sufenta is given to patients intravenously or via an epidural, primarily as an anesthetic.
What You Need to Know About Taking Sufenta While PregnantIs it safe to take Sufenta while pregnant? The answer to this really depends.Sufenta’s active ingredient, sufentanil, is categorized by the FDA as a category C drug.