Suboxone Addiction Related Topics

Know someone who is taking Suboxone following an opioid addiction? Are you dependent on Suboxone? Need to speak with an addiction specialist about this commonly prescribed medication? You’re in the right place. Search by topic below or reach out to one of The Recovery Village intake coordinators today to find the guidance you need.

Suboxone Related Topics

Suboxone Overdose | Can You Overdose on Suboxone?While Suboxone overdose is not likely, it is still worth considering. When the medicine is used improperly, or with sedatives, overdose is a possibility.
Smoking SuboxoneFor individuals recovering from addiction to substances like heroin or other opioids, using Suboxone between doses helps to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay.
Buprenorphine and SuboxoneBuprenorphine and Suboxone are two prescription drugs that are an integral part of the opioid epidemic, and efforts to help slow the number of deaths occurring as a result.
Suboxone AlternativesOne medication prescribed to help people get through opioid withdrawal is Suboxone. Suboxone is a brand-name medication used as part of a comprehensive drug treatment program.
Suboxone OverdoseSuboxone can sound like a wonder drug for people dependent on or addicted to opioids, but are there risks or possible side effects? Serious side effects are possible; these include liver problems, drowsiness, dizziness and a decrease in blood pressure.
Taking Suboxone While Pregnant: What You Need to KnowBecause of the risk of NAS and these birth defects, only use Suboxone during pregnancy if your doctor recommends it.
Suboxone HotlineOur free & confidential 24-hour Suboxone hotline for family members, friends and those with Suboxone addiction and abuse.

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