Videos Resources for Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health

To provide a full spectrum of resources for those living with addiction or mental health conditions and their loved ones, The Recovery Village created several video series about addiction, co-occurring disorders and recovery.

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the cover of resilincy bonds resilince during covid - 19.
Resilience During COVID-19

COVID-19 is testing us all in different ways. Learning how to find balance is an important part of staying resilient right now.

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the cover of resilincy part 12 practicing resilince.
Improving Resilience in Recovery

Building resilience does take practice, but this can be done in a way that feels natural and organic to your lifestyle for an optimistic lens towards the future.

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the cover of a book, resilincy part 4.
Building Your Moral Compass

Your moral compass can provide you with strength in challenging situations. This involves identifying your core values and being honest with yourself.

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a blue and green banner with the words using cognitive behavior therapy cbt.
Using CBT to Reduce Worry

While worrying is normal, healthy living requires being able to let go of needless worries. This guide explores specific strategies, such as examining the costs versus benefits of worrying.

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