Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Recovery

Relapse Workshop: Lifestyle Changes

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Recovery isn’t always going to be perfect or easy. What’s important to do is identify your values, and then focus on using those to create meaning in your life. When you identify what’s important to you, your life will be realistic but also rewarding.

This video guide delves into how to identify your values.

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Relapse Workshop: Lifestyle Changes

So in this lesson we are talking about some helpful lifestyle changes.

We often think in recovery, life will be great all of the time. In reality, no life is great all the time. And it never will be. A good life has meaning and purpose. And when you recognize what’s important to you. And you devote your energy to these priorities, you’re going to feel more alive. When you do this you will be able to allow things you cannot control, like your thoughts, your feelings, other people’s behavior to simply happen, letting the need to control them dissipate. Identifying what’s important to you, what you value will help you to build a more realistic and rewarding life.

On the exercise after this lesson, you want to identify which values are most important to you. You can identify as many as you like. You want to think about while you’re identifying these, What sort of person do you want to be? How would you want others to describe you? What principles do you stand for? What do you think the world needs more of to become a better place? And what are your top five values right now? What do you most want to ensure you are striving towards?

And then you want to identify the behaviors that you will do to ensure you are living within your values. So if you placed a value on fun, then what are the things you need to do to ensure you have more fun in your life? If you placed a value on loyalty, what are the things you need to do to ensure you are being more loyal in your life?

When you’re actively using drugs and alcohol, which of your top five values have suffered the most. And what behaviors are you willing to commit to doing differently this week, this month, this year, in order to ensure you’re living in a way that feels meaningful and purposeful to you?

In our next lesson we’re going to talk about balanced living.

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