OxyContin Addiction Self-Assessment Quiz

Answer the questions below to better understand your OxyContin use. The results from this self-assessment quiz can be used as a guide to help you recognize signs of OxyContin misuse and symptoms of oxycodone addiction. While your results do not render medical advice, we do offer helpful resources that includes a toll-free addiction treatment hotline to call if you have any questions or concerns. To learn more about the effects of OxyContin, consult with your doctor. To find nearby treatment options, call a representative at The Recovery Village.

Am I Addicted to OxyContin?

This assessment derives from the criteria in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is a handbook used by medical experts to diagnose mental health and substance use disorders. You will be asked 12 questions pertaining to your OxyContin use in the past year. None of these questions inquire about your drinking patterns, but you can take a quiz about your alcohol use here.

Please answer “yes” or “no” based on your OxyContin use only. In the past 12 months, have you:

Used OxyContin in large doses or for longer than intended?
Experienced cravings so strong that you couldn’t think of anything except OxyContin?
Had problems fulfilling responsibilities at home, school or work?
Felt guilt or remorse about your OxyContin use?
Continued using OxyContin despite problems with loved ones?
Had family or friends express concern about your OxyContin use?
Found it difficult to stop using OxyContin?
Attempted to buy OxyContin from street dealers after your prescription ran dry?
Dealt with headaches, constipation or confusion after using OxyContin?
Experienced withdrawal symptoms associated with OxyContin, such as muscle aches, blurry vision or rapid heartbeat?
Stopped communicating with friends because of OxyContin use?
Engaged in dangerous or reckless behaviors after taking OxyContin?

Your assessment results are confidential. Please enter your information below to proceed to your results.

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OxyContin Addiction Self-Assessment Quiz
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