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Oxycet is a now-discontinued prescription drug made from acetaminophen and oxycodone. It may still be available on the street, as people who have had leftovers from prescriptions sometimes sell it illegally to people looking to use if for recreational purposes.

As a street drug, it is sought for the euphoric “high” it produces, like that encountered when heroin is used. While it is sometimes ingested whole as intended, it is more often tampered with. Doing so allows a quicker release of the oxycodone component into the user’s bloodstream which is rapidly absorbed by the body. This then produces the intense high very quickly for the person. Misuse of Oxycet can lead to serious issues, including overdosing, due to the sudden rush of oxycodone into the body,. Overdosing can manifest with a variety of symptoms, some of them even life threatening. These symptoms can include unreactive pupils, vomiting, limp body, clammy skin, lightheadedness, blue coloration to nails and lips, reduced heart rate, unconsciousness, cessation of breathing, and seizures.

As abuse continues, the user’s body builds up a tolerance and they often need more of the drug to achieve the formerly felt level of high. Added use has the effect of making the person then even more susceptible to overdosing on Oxycet. Additionally, as use increases, the body can become dependent on the drug, and then drug seeking behaviors kick in. This is when the individual has become addicted to Oxycet.

Whether you’ve used Oxycet yourself or know someone who has, you likely have questions about the prescription drug. To learn more, check out our related topics or call a representative from The Recovery Village who can answer your questions about treatment options.

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