Mixing Alcohol and Norco | Side Effects and Interactions

Whenever a patient starts taking a medication, it is important to review any drugs or substances that may have an adverse interaction. Doctors will normally provide a list explaining what not to eat/take with the prescription before giving it to their patients. They may also ask about the patient’s medical history. For the patient, it is important to let their doctor know if they drink alcohol regularly or take other drugs, as many medications can cause potentially fatal overdoses. Norco is no exception to this rule.

What Is Norco?

Norco is a prescription-strength opioid used to treat moderate to severe pain. The active ingredient in Norco is hydrocodone, with traces of acetaminophen to enhance the hydrocodone. This makes Norco extremely potent and addictive.

Some potential side effects commonly experienced with Norco include constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, and blurred vision. Norco may cause some more serious side effects; however, they are less common. These include slowed heart rate, shallow breathing, severe stomach pains, confusion, and seizures.

Norco can cause adverse health reactions if it is mixed with other substances. Someone should not take Norco with other narcotics, sedatives, or MAO Inhibitors. Never withhold information from a doctor when asked about medical history -always notify them of any other medications or illnesses present.

If someone begins to develop a tolerance to Norco, the risk for substance misuse and abuse grows. People struggling with an addiction often seek ways to intensify the effects of Norco by changing how it is administered (snorting instead of swallowing) or mixing it with other substances, such as alcohol.

Mixing Alcohol and Norco

Norco alone can cause some noticeable side effects and the presence of alcohol enhances them and increases the drug’s absorption rate. The intensified effects of Norco from alcohol can also cause heavy liver damage.

Both Norco and alcohol are central nervous system (CNS) depressants, meaning they slow down the functions of the CNS which could lead to an abundance of problems. Some effects caused by the reaction include impaired judgment and motor skills, severe confusion, severe muscle weakness, respiratory problems, and powerful sedation that could result in a coma.

Summing Up Side Effects and Interactions of Mixing Alcohol and Norco

The bottom line is that Norco and alcohol should never be mixed. Both substances slow down vital organs in the body and reduce the efficiency of bodily function, particularly in the respiratory system.

When Norco is mixed with alcohol, it greatly increases the risk of respiratory depression. Respiratory depression causes shallow breathing that can induce a coma, often leading to an overdose that could be fatal. Depending on the severity and duration of respiratory depression, damage to the brain may occur.

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