REM sleep behavior disorder is one of the many sleep disorders that affect the lives of millions of Americans. People with REM sleep behavior disorder physically act out what is happening to their bodies while they are dreaming. People with REM sleep behavior disorder might kick their legs, jump out of bed or make noises like talking, laughing or shouting while sleeping. The condition usually develops gradually and can progress to the point where the affected individual poses harm to themselves or others.

People with the condition may abuse substances to attempt to manage their disorder, which can make diagnosis and treatment even more complicated. If you or a loved one have REM sleep behavior disorder, you are not alone. Treatment is available.

Assessing Your Risk of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Do you think you or your loved one could have REM sleep behavior disorder? Take a self-assessment to evaluate your symptoms. Keep in mind that a quiz is not an official diagnosis, and only a medical professional can diagnose a sleep disorder. However, an assessment may help you evaluate your symptoms and determine if you should seek treatment.