Kleptomania is a rare, but challenging, disorder. People who have kleptomania feel strong compulsions to steal and often struggle to stop these problematic behaviors. Kleptomania can be challenging for both the person who has it and their family as it can cause serious legal, financial and social problems.

People who have kleptomania may turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with overwhelming thoughts and feelings, but substance abuse may only worsen symptoms. If you or a loved one struggle with kleptomania, you could benefit from professional treatment.

Assessing Your Risk of Kleptomania

If you’re concerned that you may have kleptomania, you can complete a short, confidential self-assessment to gain insight about your symptoms. Please note that a quiz cannot substitute for an official diagnosis of kleptomania. However, you can discuss the results with a doctor, counselor or licensed mental health practitioner to see if you need treatment.