People with depersonalization-derealization disorder feel that they are viewing themselves from outside of their bodies. This condition can make the individual feel very disconnected from themselves, other people and the outside world.

To cope with their overwhelming symptoms, a person with this condition may misuse drugs or alcohol. However, this behavior usually only worsens the symptoms of this condition. If you think you have depersonalization-derealization disorder, you aren’t alone, and treatment can help.

Assessing Your Risk of Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder

Are you concerned that you might have depersonalization-derealization disorder? As a first measure, you can take an easy self-assessment to see if your symptoms match those of this condition. Please note, though, that a quiz is not an official diagnosis as only a medical professional can diagnose depersonalization-derealization disorder. You can discuss the results of this quiz with a doctor or therapist to get more answers.