Cyclothymic disorder is a subtype of bipolar disorder defined by frequent mood swings between hypomania and depression. Cyclothymic disorder is also referred to as cyclothymia and bipolar III because it is related to but less severe than bipolar I and bipolar II disorders.

About 2% of the population has cyclothymic disorder. Cyclothymic disorder is often present in youth and remains undiagnosed. Lack of diagnosis can be dangerous, as people living with this condition have a 50% increased risk of developing bipolar disorder. Those with cyclothymic disorder are also at a higher risk of developing co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Cyclothymic Disorder FAQs

Cyclothymic disorder can be a complex and misunderstood condition. If you have questions about cyclothymic disorder, these frequently asked questions may provide the answers you’re seeking.

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