It is common for people to have feelings of stress and anxiety. However, an anxiety disorder may be present when feelings of worry, anxiety, stress or fear are intense, very frequent or long in duration. There are many types of anxiety disorders with varying symptoms and treatment options.

If you think that you may have an anxiety disorder, you are not alone. Anxiety disorders are very common and it is estimated that they impact nearly 20 percent of adults in the United States. While it may be very challenging for you or a loved one to live with intense feelings of anxiety, treatment is available.

Assessing Your Risk of Anxiety Disorders

Do you think you or a loved one could be living with an anxiety disorder? You can take an anxiety disorder self-assessment to begin to find some answers. This quiz does is not an official diagnosis as only a medical professional can diagnose anxiety disorders, but the assessments may help you evaluate your symptoms and determine if treatment is right for you.