Agoraphobia is an intense and persistent fear of public places. In many cases, individuals with this condition may feel extreme anxiety or experience panic attacks in situations where they feel trapped, fearful or vulnerable. Often, those situations involve large crowds, open areas or confined spaces. People living with agoraphobia may avoid putting themselves in situations that trigger their anxiety. They may only leave their homes on rare occasions or when in the company of a friend or family member.

Agoraphobia can make everyday tasks — such as commuting to work, shopping at the grocery store, or eating out — feel overwhelming. While agoraphobia may be challenging to live with, many people learn to cope with their symptoms through professional treatment or online services like teletherapy.

The first step to getting help is recognizing the presence of the disorder. If you’ve asked yourself the question, “Do I have agoraphobia?” The Recovery Village’s agoraphobia quiz can help you find an answer.

Agoraphobia Self-Assessment Quiz

The following self-assessment quiz is based on diagnostic criteria from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition. However, it is not a substitute for a clinical diagnosis from a licensed professional. If your results indicate a likelihood of having agoraphobia, it’s vital that you contact a clinician to receive an official diagnosis and begin treatment.

Please answer “yes” or “no” for each question. Based on your experiences in the past six months:

Do you feel consistent, intense anxiety while using public transportation or while in crowded, open or enclosed spaces?
Does being alone outside of your home cause you a great deal of anxiety?
Do you avoid certain situations and places out of fear that you won’t be able to leave them if you need to, such as elevators, crowded trains, movie theaters or concerts?
Have you felt intensely afraid of embarrassing yourself in a public place?
Has your fear of certain places or situations interfered with your personal or professional life?
Do you often avoid leaving your house unless you have a companion with you?
Have you experienced a panic attack?
If you have had a panic attack, was it triggered by being in a specific place or situation?
Have you canceled plans with a friend or family member because of how the idea of being in public made you feel anxious?
Have you ever hyperventilated in a public place out of anxiety or fear?
Before leaving your home, are you preoccupied with worries of having a panic attack in public?
Does the thought of being in any confined space, including elevators, airplanes and changing rooms, make you feel extremely uncomfortable?

This quiz is confidential and your assessment results will appear on the next page. Please enter your information below to receive your results.

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