Substance Abuse Counseling in Port Arthur, TX

The psychological disease of addiction is a challenge no one needs to face alone. Substance misuse counseling is a type of treatment that is recommended for people suffering from a substance use disorder. More specifically, this method of treatment is offered to people who have misused in the past or are currently misusing drugs and/or alcohol. One does not have to have an addiction to receive this type of treatment, it’s also available to people who are developing a dependence and fear possible addiction.

Like therapy, counseling is important for a person struggling with addiction and is offered by many rehabilitation centers, like The Recovery Village. There are plenty of substance misuse counselors available in Port Arthur, TX and the surrounding areas.

Port Arthur, TX Addiction Counseling

Substance misuse counselors generally provide the same service to most patients; however, each counselor will use different approaches depending on their patient’s needs. Addiction counselors are licensed and certified by their state to help people in recovery with their struggle.

The primary roles of a substance misuse counselor include:

  • Teaching patients how to cope with the stresses that lead to substance misuse
  • Help their patient understand the root of their addiction
  • Develops a strategy to ensure the success of long-term recovery
  • Create aftercare treatment plans once a patient leaves a rehabilitation center

Addiction counselors are properly trained to handle different stages of recovery to ensure that each patient is meeting their goals during treatment. Counselors take the time to allow their patients to discuss how they feel, physically and mentally, to provide effective treatment. The Recovery Village offers group counseling for those wanting to meet other people who understand how they feel and individual sessions for those wishing to keep their issues private.

When searching for a substance misuse counselor in Port Arthur, TX, it’s important to not rush this decision. Take the time to find someone that makes you or your loved one feel safe, important, and comfortable.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A local, licensed drug counselor offers guidance for those suffering from a substance use disorder. Whether their patient is suffering from an opioid addiction, alcohol misuse, or inhalants, drug counselors are trained to help them stay in recovery. Local drug counselors offer their services to patients that are finishing up their treatment in a facility or to patients that are actively battling a drug addiction.

When searching for a licensed drug counselor in the Port Arthur, TX area, there are many resources available. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a toll-free, 24-hour hotline available for people seeking a local drug counselor and they provide a local listing of all certified counselors in your area. Their website provides a contact number for multiple hotlines as well as treatment locator feature that marks counselors on an area map.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Like other substance misuse counselors, a local alcohol counselor helps patients suffering from alcohol misuse to:

  • Stay in recovery after regular treatment
  • Helping patients change their behavior to avoid drinking when stressed
  • Help people with an alcohol use disorder during their rehabilitation

Local certified alcohol counselors encourage long-term recovery, and they work with patients daily if need be. Alcohol misuse can sometimes lead to unemployment, and a local alcohol counselor can help a patient gain employment or help them maintain their current job during recovery. Psychology Today offers a list of nearby licensed alcohol counselors in Port Arthur, TX. Each counselor is certified to deal with substance misuse and mental health treatment.

Drug Addiction Counselor Port Arthur, TX

Drug addiction counselors specialize in guiding patients through their substance misuse recovery, from beginning to end. They hold regular one-on-one sessions with patients to assess the severity of their addiction. These sessions help the counselor and patient understand what their needs are, so they can set up an effective treatment plan.

Drug addiction counselors often work at detox centers, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation centers like The Recovery Village.

There are many drug addiction counselors available in Port Arthur, TX and the surrounding areas, making the selection process tricky. Visit to see why our facilities are recommended and to find a location near you.

Substance Abuse Counseling Near Me

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, the safest step for a substance-free life is to find the right substance misuse counselor. Places like SAMHSA and the CDC offer databases that list local counselors in your area.

The Recovery Village also has a confidential, toll-free hotline available 24/7 at 855-548-9825. When you call our hotline, you will receive information from one of our friendly representatives covering treatment, payment options and contact information for substance misuse counselors in your area.