Corsicana Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

Corsicana, Texas is located in Navarro County. It is about an hour south of Dallas with roughly 24,000 residents. There have been several oilfields discovered in Corsicana, making it an epicenter of oil. The town has been used in movies, houses a historic art lodge, and offers a vibrant art and entertainment culture. From its historical Pioneer Village to notable parks, like Petroleum Park and Lake Halbert park, the area offers both history and recreation.

As it is in many cities across Texas and the United States law enforcement is constantly cracking down on drug trafficking; the latest busts were for cocainemethamphetamine and heroin. These problems are only indicative of the human effect of drug trafficking.

There are many people in Corsicana paying the price of substance misuse disorder. If you are dealing with the effect of drug misuse, take a moment to understand that there is hope for you. It is never too late to get the help that you need. There are drug or alcohol treatment options available in Corsicana. Additionally, rehab centers can offer professional care for people who need help.

Our Closest Facility:
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The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake Drug & Alcohol Rehab
443 S. Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133
(719) 602-0914
The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake does not operate in the state of Texas. Our closest facility is in Palmer Lake, CO and can be seen in the map above.

Finding Help in Corsicana

Corsicana, Texas Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Centers

There are many positive attributes to alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers. Perhaps the most positive aspect is that they are staffed by professionals who are ready to help you. If you are struggling today with substance misuse and would like to find a better way to live your life, call a rehab center today. Rehab centers are a great option because they offer structure, a safe place to get better, and therapy to help you in this somewhat turbulent time. There is no need to go at it alone, and actually, trying to fix the problem on your own could be life threatening. The best option is to reach out to professionals who have helped other people, just like you. Hold your head up high because seeking help is an important step to take, and it is one that you should be proud to be taking. Start by researching drug or alcohol treatment facilities in Corsicana. There are additional centers in nearby cities and states that you can attend for residential programs.

Residential Treatment Programs

When undergoing an intense time such as drug rehab, being able to live in a safe environment is paramount. Residential treatment programs provide just that, with a place to stay and focus on recovery. There are professionals available 24/7, which creates a space for people to safely and constructively address any issues that they may have. Although it may seem difficult to walk away from daily life, if you are in need of help with your drug misuse, this may be the best decision you can make. It’s okay to take some time to focus on yourself. Being able to know that you are following advice from professionals can help you have the confidence that you are doing the right thing.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

If you are done with residential treatment, you will likely enter a partial hospitalization program. These programs take place between an inpatient and outpatient program and help equip people with the tools necessary to succeed back in daily routine. While a residential treatment program offers complete focus on the self, some people return to living at home during this program. There may be old temptations and habits waiting at home, and these programs help people remain strong in their goals. A combination of different therapies and activities keep people on the positive path of maintaining sobriety.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient programs are typically the final step in a rehab center. At this point, you return home and may resume attending school or work. By maintaining a working relationship with the center, you ensure a better rate of success at maintaining sobriety. These programs equip people with the necessary skills to cope with new situations that they may be dealt. As well, if people find that being back at home is too overwhelming, it is possible to segway back into partial hospitalization or residential programming fairly easily.

Rehab centers offer a wide range of programs to help people with different needs. If you think that a rehab center can help you, the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and call a rehab center in Corsicana. Treatment facilities are often staffed with trained professionals who can help answer your questions. Their admissions representatives can point you in the right direction to changing your life for the better.

Detox Centers

If you are ready to take the first step in stopping your drug misuse, then a detox center is a great place to go. Trying to detox in secret and on your own is actually very dangerous and can have life threatening consequences. Going to a detox center gives you the reassurance that you are under professional care. You are not alone, and you deserve this help. Detox may be a hard time in your life, but going through it at a drug or alcohol detox center can help give you confidence that you are taking the right steps at the right time.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Although private therapy is always an option, recovery meetings are free and take place all across the United States on a regular basis. These meetings are welcoming and helpful for countless people in maintaining their sobriety. Depending on your preference, you may find that AA and NA work best for you. Perhaps SMART Recovery is a better fit. Either way, connecting with others who understand your journey is important in helping you as you move forward on your path.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

To help increase your support network, attending Alcoholics Anonymous is an excellent idea. As well, they offer a 12-step program to help you understand your place in your sobriety journey. The meetings offer a non-discriminatory space where people feel safe. The space is drug free and gives people an opportunity to share their stories with others.

South Beaton
204 S Beaton St
Corsicana, TX 75110

207 E 1st Ave
Corsicana, TX 75110

Unity Group
2412 N Beaton St
Corsicana, TX 75110

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous allows people to admit that they have a problem and move on from there. They promote self awareness and give people tools to best serve them on their sobriety journey. Some may find that their friends or family cannot relate to their substance misuse disorder. This is not uncommon. NA offers a safe place where people can feel accepted and not judged.

Style Taylors
204 S Beaton St
Corsicana, TX 75110

Unity Group
2412 N Beaton St
Corsicana, TX 75110

207 E 1st Ave
Corsicana, TX 75110

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery meetings offer a different take on recovery than AA or NA. The program is not based on steps, but rather on four principles. This angle may be more effective, depending on your preferences. They offer in-person meetings, as well as online meetings. The online forum and chat room are also welcome ways to stay connected with others who understand your journey.

Dallas VA Medical Center
4500 South Lancaster Road
Dallas, Texas 75216

Sync Yoga and Wellbeing
1888 Sylvan Avenue Suite F-250
Dallas, Texas 75208

Waterford Academy
1735 Analog Drive
Richardson, Texas 75081

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Substance misuse disorder often affects loved ones. For people who have family that suffer from substance misuse disorder, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon provide a safe space where they can connect with others in a similar situation. The community of people who will listen and relate can make a big difference in an otherwise isolating situation. Reach out and make a change for the better in your life today.

Heart To Heart AFG
2412 N Beaton St
Corsicana, TX 75110

Cedar Creek NFG
715 South Hwy 274
Seven Points, Texas 75143

Consider drug or alcohol treatment in Corsicana, TX. For some people, however, traveling for treatment can be beneficial. Corsicana, being in close proximity to Dallas, offers its residents a wide array of addiction resources in nearby cities.