Drug, Alcohol, Detox and Treatment Resources

In Santa Fe’s charming abode-colored downtown, the central plaza is often filled with free live music, art exhibits honoring the Spanish and Native American history or theatrical performances. Delicious restaurants feature dishes with locally roasted chilies while visitors search for the perfect piece of turquoise jewelry to remember their stay in the enchanted state, but the mesa landscapes do not gain everyone’s attention. In Santa Fe, like elsewhere in New Mexico and throughout the nation, drugs and alcohol are big problems.

Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, other opioids, prescription drug misuse and marijuana — as well as excessive alcohol consumption — are impacting the lives of residents. It has been such an issue that the Santa Fe police department created an entire program designed to help addicted individuals and reduce the number of overdose and incarcerations due to drugs. There’s even a drug tip hotline for residents to call to ensure that the town doesn’t become plagued with the epidemics facing more impoverished communities to the north, which Forbes magazine consider a hotbed for drug use.

Indeed, there are many community resources available in Santa Fe for someone struggling with drug or alcohol dependency. Treatment options vary from intensive inpatient programs to more flexible outpatient programs, as well as medically assisted detoxification and a variety of recovery groups that can help you end your addiction.

Sobriety is a key to having stable and productive employment, as well as healthy relationships with friends and family. If you have noticed that the quality of your life has suffered as a result of drugs or alcohol, it is not too late to do something about it. This guide is designed to provide an overview of the many different options from which you can choose as you work to create a treatment program for yourself. These include Santa Fe drug and alcohol rehab programs.

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Finding Help & Recovery in Santa Fe, NM

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Santa Fe, New Mexico

In order to seek the help you need, you must first recognize that there is a problem. It takes a lot of courage and self-realization to determine that drugs or alcohol are a source of anxiety, stress or turmoil in your life. By reading this, you have likely made that decision and are ready to begin your recovery treatment. Based on your addiction history and your individual circumstances, you can choose a recovery program to suit you. Each person is different, so weigh the options for what can work best for you.

Residential Treatment Programs

If you are battling a long history with drugs or alcohol and need highly structured treatment, consider a residential treatment program. Also known as an inpatient program, patients stay on-site during their treatment. It often starts with a medically assisted detoxification process, which is done with significant oversight of doctors and medical professionals. These trained staff members stay on site for the entire treatment process to ensure your safety and security. Participants work through a regimented program that often includes group therapy sessions and workshops to teach stress-reduction skills and replace the negative habits of turning to drugs and alcohol. This type of program is also ideal for someone whose home life is challenging in some way; family members may be well-meaning and loving, but it may be most helpful for everyone to take a break from home as the initial treatment takes place.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

The next tier in treatment programs is known as a partial hospitalization program, or a PHP. Participants may choose to stay on-site in more independent-living facilities or they may decide to live at home if it is a safe, supportive environment. There are medical personnel for oversight in these programs but not to the same level as an inpatient program. Another similarity is that the programs include therapy and skill development. Sometimes, patients who find success in the residential treatment utilize a PHP to slowly integrate freedom and independence back into their lives as they gain confidence in their healthy decision-making abilities.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

For those who have always been able to maintain a good career, academic life and a relatively healthy and stable family life, outpatient programs can be extremely successful. In these types of programs, there is limited medical oversight, and patients stay at home during the entire treatment process. Again, this is often a follow-up treatment for someone who has completed either a residential of a PHP treatment plan. Support and guidance are offered with outpatient programs as individuals rid themselves of drugs and alcohol. It helps create a smooth transition to a normal, now-sober life.

In Santa Fe, residents have many opportunities to find the treatment they need to overcome issues with drugs and alcohol. It can be overwhelming, though, to decide which kind of program is best for you. There are serious things to consider. Honestly analyze your drug and alcohol history. How severe is your addiction? How long have drugs and alcohol been in your life? What kinds of substances are you misusing? Next, consider your home life. Will you be able to make major changes for the better while staying at home? Finally, consider your medical insurance; often, healthy insurance providers are willing to pay for portions or all of drug or alcohol treatment.

Santa Fe Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

The initial process of treatment is a phase that many people who misuse drugs and alcohol fear: detoxification. This is ridding the body of the chemical toxins and flushing out the drugs and alcohol from the system. In the past, this involved scary withdrawal symptoms that can sometimes be dangerous if the addiction is severe; however, with the advent of new medical technology, there are prescription drugs available that can limit the negative impacts of detox. With many licensed detox centers in and around Santa Fe, there is no reason to go through unnecessary pain. Reach out and receive the help you deserve so you can start your treatment as smoothly and as safely as possible.

Of course, treatment isn’t as simple as detoxification. If just stopping the influx of drugs or alcohol were enough to overcome addiction, there would never be a relapse. Instead, treatment needs to include opportunities to address underlying issues, including psychological, mental and emotional problems that may be at the heart of the drug and alcohol use. This is the hard work, and it can take time. However, finding the right treatment and a supportive peer network will help you create a foundation for success in sobriety. Consider a Santa Fe drug detox program or a Santa Fe alcohol detox program for a local solution.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Santa Fe

For those who are overwhelmed with drugs and alcohol, it can seem difficult to fathom finding a supportive network of individuals who want to see you succeed in sobriety, but there are scores of these people attending meetings in the area every day. Recovery meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery, are designed to help you stay on a sober path and come to terms with the emotions and behaviors that led you astray in the first place. These resources are here to help you make the best choices for your life. It’s a good idea to join a local group after completing drug rehab in Santa Fe, New Mexico or alcohol rehab in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Founded in the 1930s, Alcoholics Anonymous is the oldest and arguably the most popular recovery group in America. There are meetings scheduled every day in almost every town. Participants share their experiences with peers while working through a 12-step program that includes releasing your alcohol addiction to a higher power. You are matched with a sponsor who helps you personally. There are many AA meetings in Santa Fe.

Early Birds – Sunrisers Group
1316 Apache Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

New Beginnings
107 W. Barcelona Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Women’s Noon Group
1701 Arroyo Chamiso Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

An offshoot of AA, Narcotics Anonymous holds similarly structured meetings specifically designed for those battling drug problems. Overcoming drug addiction is a different process than alcohol addiction because there are no bars and a different kind of social pressure and stigma. NA allows individuals to go through a 12-step program, hear from peers about their experiences and work with a sponsor to address struggles and celebrations. Members of NA understand your situation and want you to succeed in living a drug-free life.

Your Basic Meeting
505 Camino De Los Marquez
Santa Fe, NM 87505

The Original
1200 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Options Group
2210 Silver SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

Some people have tried Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and felt it wasn’t right for them. Perhaps they are uncomfortable with the spirituality component. There is no reason to give up on recovery meetings completely. A non-profit group created SMART Recovery to address this need. These meetings, while slightly fewer, use motivational techniques to help participants find confidence and responsibility for the choices in their lives. Individuals work through four points, rather than 12 steps, to stay sober for life. There are SMART Recovery meetings in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe County Community Services
2052 Galisteo St.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Treatment Consultants
2209 Miguel Chavez Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Santa Fe Community College
6401 Richards Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Are you friends and family of someone battling an addiction? You may need to find a supportive network of individuals who know exactly what you are going through as well. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are meetings designed for those who are impacted by substance misuse, and participants go through their own 12-step process to address their own emotions and behaviors. Attending these meetings can be a complement to the treatment work of the person battling the disease. There is no judging, only support. There are meetings available in Santa Fe, too.

Friendship Club
1316 Apache Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Valley View Christian Church
170 State Rd. 344
Edgewood, NM 87015

There are many Santa Fe drug treatment facilities and Santa Fe alcohol treatment facilities to choose from. However, if you’d like to explore a program outside of your hometown, consider seeking treatment in a nearby city.