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As an economic stronghold of the early 1900s, Camden, New Jersey was the start for many immigrant families in America. The Campbell Soup Company, shipbuilders and other industries had their early days in Camden, which today has a diverse population that displays proudly its different cultures throughout the city. Over the years, the two main waterfront neighborhoods have been the epicenter of urban renewal and growth, with the preservation of historic buildings and charming “pop-up parks” forming in unused lots. However, in spite of the strong revitalization efforts, the residents of Camden are also fighting a serious drug and alcohol problem.

Although violence is slowly trending downward, Camden is still considered one of the most violent cities in America. Many of the homicides, robberies and other crimes are connected closely with drugs and alcohol misuse. In 2016, there were 568 arrests for drug possession in Camden alone, mostly for marijuana, opiates and cocaine . Police conducted major drug busts on those also dealing heroin and prescription opioids. The large amounts of drugs and violence can make it difficult for those trying to live healthy, productive lives.

Still, even in the face of Camden’s big problems, there are signs of improvement. In 2015, nearly 70,000 people sought treatment for drug and alcohol misuse in New Jersey. This means that while officials seek to reduce the amount of drugs and excessive alcohol use on the streets, individuals are recognizing that they can do something about their own personal situations. You can too. If you have realized that drugs and alcohol are negatively impacting your life, there are Camden drug treatment facilities and Camden alcohol treatment facilities that can allow you to overcome your addictions to find success in sobriety. This guide can help you learn about the different kinds of treatment and create a plan for yourself so that you can move past the problems plaguing Camden. You can live the life you deserve, and there is help here for you to thrive.

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Finding Help & Recovery in Camden, NJ

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Camden, New Jersey

When your day-to-day life is filled with those who are also battling addictions and are surrounded by violence, it can feel impossible to reach sobriety. Chances are, you already recognize that drugs and alcohol have negatively impacted your life. Your work, your friendships or your family life may be suffering as you are putting more and more energy into finding drugs or escaping through alcohol. You deserve a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, and there is a treatment program available that can help you achieve this. Every person approaches rehabilitation differently; consider the options of treatment. Resources are here to help you overcome your problems and live the best life you can.

Residential Treatment Programs

Some individuals do best in a residential treatment program, which is also known as inpatient treatment. This type of plan is ideal for someone who has had a long history with drugs and alcohol. Certain drugs require substantial medical oversight during and after the initial detoxification process, and residential programs offer the most medical oversight because patients stay on-site for the entire time of their treatment. Treatment time can vary depending on the severity of the addiction. This is also a good option for those whose home lives are not safe or stable. If roommates or family members are not supportive of your recovery, it may be best to stay elsewhere while you start to develop new mindsets. These programs have a highly structured program that includes group or individualized therapy and other classes to help create new routines that leave drugs and alcohol behind.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

As the name implies, a partial hospitalization program has medical oversight but not at the same level as a residential program. Participants sometimes stay on campus in more independent-style living quarters, or they may live at home. This type of plan can also offer medically assisted detoxification on site, while providing a level of freedom and independence that can allow for a slow transition back to unstructured life. Also known as PHPs, this type of treatment can serve as the next phase of someone who completed a residential program or can be a good start for someone with a less severe addiction. It is important to determine how confident you are in making drug-free decisions; the more you trust yourself to stay dedicated to your recovery, the more independence your treatment plan can offer.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

The next phase of treatment is an outpatient program. Patients live at home and attend daily programs at a facility without housing units. This type of work is best for someone who has succeeded at a more stringent level of oversight or perhaps has, all along, been able to work, keep healthy friendships and maintain a relatively good home life. With outpatient programs, individuals can continue to work or go to school. This is your best option for a complete transition to sober living, if you participate fully and want to make the change completely.

There are many different levels of treatment options at Camden, New Jersey drug rehab programs and Camden, New Jersey alcohol rehab programs. Much of your success has to do with your own understanding of yourself and your situation. Take an honest look at your relationship with drugs and alcohol. Determine how long you have been using, what kinds of substances and at what frequency. It is also wise to be honest about your home life. Do you live with people who support your path to sobriety? If so, it will help you to accept their support. Finally, investigate your medical coverage. Some health insurance plans will underwrite the costs of treatment.

Camden Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Treatment begins with detoxification. It is necessary to remove the toxic chemicals that are causing the physical addiction in your body. Along with removing the chemicals, detox also involves stopping the intake. This naturally results in withdrawal symptoms, which are simply the evidence of a physical addiction. In the past, this process was been painful and even dangerous. Now, there are new medical breakthroughs that can make detox less painful and much more safe. There is no need to go through this alone. Reach out to a detox center to rid your body of unwanted substances, and set yourself up for success in sober living.

A smooth, safe detox is important because it is the beginning of a long road to recovery. Addiction is not simply a physical thing. Unfortunately, addiction is also connected to psychological, emotional and mental issues that are often at the heart of these behaviors. Successful treatment involves an intense and honest evaluation of yourself and the feelings you have regarding your substance use. It is not easy work, but it is the most important thing you can do for yourself. You deserve a healthy, happy life, and you can start that path right away by contacting a Camden drug detox or a Camden alcohol detox program.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Camden

Finding a strong support network is crucial to success in the long run, especially in the first difficult weeks after completing treatment at a Camden drug rehab center or a Camden alcohol rehab center. It may be challenging to find a healthy routine once a structured treatment program is over. Recovery groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or SMART Recovery, are excellent opportunities to create a healthy routine while meeting peers who wish for you to succeed in your new sober life. Regular meetings are scheduled throughout the Camden area.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Thousands of people attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings every day. There are meetings scheduled every day, throughout the day, in nearly every town in America. There are even some meetings held internationally or at big events; anywhere there is a temptation to return to your past behaviors, AA wans to be there. Participants share experiences and provide support and empathy as you work through their 12-step program. There are many meetings in the Camden area.

Last Stop Camden
315 S. 5th St.
Camden, NJ 08030

New Beginnings “Living Sober”
422 Market St.
Camden, NJ 08101

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous was created in the 1950s just 20 years after AA was founded. This group is specifically designed for people struggling with drug addiction, as illegal drugs have a different social pressure and culture than alcohol. It is most effective to share and grow with people who understand what you are going through. NA participants work through the same 12-step programs with the help of sponsors to live drug-free. There are many NA meetings in the Camden area.

Front Line
422 Market St.
Camden, NJ 08101

Afternoon Recovery
422 Market St.
Camden, NJ 08101

Stepping Into Serenity
751 Kaighn Ave.
Camden, NJ 08103

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

Have you tried AA or NA and found those meetings were not for you? There is no reason to give up completely on recovery groups. A non-profit agency created SMART Recovery for people like you. These meetings utilize motivational techniques to create confidence and discipline needed to make healthy decisions for your own life. You can take responsibility for your life with the four points of SMART Recovery. While there are fewer meetings, some are scheduled in the Camden area.

SMART Recovery
2144 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Studio 34 Yoga
4522 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Solution House
4143 Paul St.
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Working through addictions can take its toll on more than just those who are battling against their own substance misuse. Friends, family members and even co-workers may need support to work through their own behaviors and emotions associated with a loved one’s addiction. That’s why Al-Anon and Nar-Anon were created. These meetings are an ideal complement to a loved one’s own work on themselves because participants go through their own 12 steps. Befriending and hearing from people who have had similar experiences with the indirect impact of addiction can be powerful and supportive. There are no fees for these meetings. Recovery meetings happen throughout the Camden area.

First United Methodist Church
201 New Jersey Ave.
Mount Ephraim, NJ 0805f9

Clevemore NYA
2811 S. Hutchinson St.
South Philadelphia, PA 19148

If you’re considering a Camden drug rehab or a Camden alcohol rehab program, keep your options open by taking a look at resources in nearby cities.

Addiction Resources in Nearby New Jersey Cities

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