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Eden Prairie, 12th-largest city in Minnesota, is located at the edge of Hennepin County. The location of the town offers a spectacular view of the confluence of the Minnesota River and the Mississippi River. Eden Prairie is among the suburbs making up the Minneapolis–Saint Paul in the southwestern part. The 2010 U.S. census displayed the city to have a total of 60,797 residents. According to Money magazine’s, Eden Prairie is one of the best places to live in the United States. You can always find something to do in Eden Prairie as there are many large lakes where you can take pictures or go boating, several parks where you can camp or conduct outside activities among others. The city is also significant economically as it boasts about 2,200 businesses and houses the headquarters of C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Digital River, MTS Systems Corporation and SuperValu among others. Despite the beautiful scenery and development in Eden Prairie, the city still faces the horrific consequences of drug and substance abuse.

The number of residents dying from the misuse of opioids has continued to rise in Minnesota over the past three years. This realization comes even after the state’s law enforcement department set vigilant measures and the doctors monitored the prescription of opioid painkillers. According to the analysis conducted by a Star Tribune, there was a total of 402 deaths related to opioid overdoses in 2016. The data showed heroin and prescription opioids like fentanyl to be the primary cause of the sharp increase. Fentanyl-laced heroin is sold to people without their knowledge, thus posing a serious threat.

The measures adopted by the state show that what is being done cannot is not enough to curb and end this public health epidemic. This is because many people who were abusing prescription have turned to cheaper options like heroin. Also, there is a possibility that individuals have turned to heroin because of the restrictions placed on prescription opioids drove people to consider heroin. Carfentanil, a new synthetic is also increasingly causing deaths in Minnesota. Carfentanil is more potent than most opioids, and just like fentanyl it is being compounded into heroin to increase its potency and again sold to users without their knowledge.

Despite the rapid rise in drug overdoses and deaths in the Mississippi, there are some efforts made to curb this increasing menace. The state officials have increased the access to Naloxone, a drug that reduces the overdose effect of opioids. The state has also adopted the use of electronic monitoring to reduce the opioid epidemic in Minnesota. There are several Eden Prairie drug treatment facilities and Eden Prairie alcohol treatment facilities that offer therapeutic services to individuals struggling with the grim consequences of substance misuse. Residents willing to get support can also visit The Recovery Village, an established rehabilitation center, nationally-known for its helpful services. Contact The Recovery Village and get professional help.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

minnesota opioid overdose related deaths
in 2016

Many people in Mississippi are struggling to keep their heads above the deep waters of substance dependency. Natchez is not immune to this realization, and the situation is even growing to dangerous levels as addicts are switching to cheaper drugs such as heroin: while much more continue to misuse fentanyl without their knowledge in fentanyl-laced heroin. However, residents of Natchez need to know there is help for individuals struggling with substance use disorder. The city has rehabilitation centers dedicated to helping addicts increase their likelihood of becoming sober. The Recovery Village, an established treatment center within the country, offers similar services. Make a point of visiting such facilities and increase your chances of becoming sober.

Finding Help & Recovery in Eden Prairie, MN

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The society should understand that alcohol and substance dependence is a disease that can affect anyone. So instead of stigmatizing addicts people should instead offer help to them and help kick addiction out of Eden Prairie and the country as a whole.

Eden Prairie, MN has treatment facilities with skilled personnel and resources to take you through the treatment procedure as swiftly as possible. All that is remaining is for you to make the courageous decision of seeking professional help and reduce your chances of experiencing a relapse. However, from the several options you need to carefully select and treatment center that can assist you with your unique addiction conclusively as the services offered in such facilities differ. These facilities boast different approaches that help addicts beat their dependencies and increase their probability of becoming sober.

Interacting with a loved one facing severe addiction can be quite challenging. However, friends and relatives need to be involved in the process of choosing a facility for the loved one. This is fundamental as it ensures they get the appropriate help in the right facility to facilitate and hasten their healing process.

There is help for you in at Eden Prairie drug rehab and Eden Prairie alcohol rehab programs. Just make the bold decision of seeking help, and the skilled personnel in treatment centers can help you achieve sobriety. Below are some of the treatment options offered in Eden Prairie: Make a point of visiting such facilities increase your chances of experiencing a drug-free lifestyle.

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    Eden Prairie Residential Treatment Programs

    Residential treatment programs (RTPs) offer live-in services, where patients receive treatment and get 24-hour care. Strict supervision is usually of high priority in these facilities to reduce the chances of patients experiencing a relapse. RTPs handle patients experiencing severe addiction and those with a long history of alcohol and drug dependency. These programs utilize a 12-step recovery system complemented with fundamental activities such as meditation, yoga and other inpatient programs encompassing group and individual therapy. The detox process usually occurs in these centers. The serene environment and atmosphere facilitate the healing process of patients as they allow them to be one with nature.

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    Eden Prairie Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are flexible programs that ensure patients get treatment during the day and get to their homes in the evening or when the session is over. The flexibility of these centers gives patients a sense of independence as they are responsible for the activities they conduct after leaving the facility for the night. Individuals suffering from mild addiction are encouraged to enlist in such facilities to increase their likelihood of leaving a drug free, healthy life. Despite the difference in flexibility between RTPs and PHPs, they utilize similar care tools and approaches.

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    Eden Prairie Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Outpatient programs are more flexible than PHPs and RTPs since they allow patients to carry out their daily routines such as work and school. Patients set up appointments with the medical personnel in these facilities and ensure they do not interfere with their regular schedules. These programs are suitable for individuals experiencing mild drug dependencies and those who have undergone through intensive inpatient programs. However, those suffering from severe addiction are urged to enroll in RTPs.

Eden Prairie, MN offers its residents with the treatment options explained above. If you are willing to seek help within Eden Prairie and its neighboring cities feel free to do so and receive the support that can help you achieve sobriety.

Eden Prairie Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Accepting you are struggling with substance dependency is usually challenging. Additionally, the stigma victims of drug misuse face make it even harder for them to accept their situation. However, it should be known that drug misuse is a disease and accepting that this realization has befallen you is a major step towards achieving a sober life. Once you decide to seek treatment, you need to choose an appropriate detox center.

The detoxification process usually involves removal of the chemical substances from the body of the addict. The process is often challenging as it attracts unfriendly withdrawal symptoms that affect the healing process of many patients. However, with professional help from Eden Prairie drug detox centers and Eden Prairie alcohol detox centers, you stand a chance of going through the process smoothly, while increasing your probability of becoming sober and live a healthy life. The professionals in such facilities practice strict supervision on patients to reduce the occurrence of a relapse.

The detox process does not rely on the efforts of the medical personnel alone: it also requires the determination and commitment of the patients to ensure they go through the procedure conclusively. From the several detox options, you need to choose one that can handle your unique form of drug and alcohol dependency.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Eden Prairie

Meeting other people who have undergone drug rehab in Eden Prairie, Minnesota or an alcohol rehab in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, you are facing and are now sober can motivate you to achieve the same. Meetings, where you can meet such peers who can encourage you, exist in Eden Prairie, MN. The meetings include Narcotic Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Alcoholics and Anonymous (AA).

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

AA meetings allow individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction come together and encourage each other towards fostering behaviors that can increase their chances of becoming sober. Members get to share their experiences while giving hope to each other. These meetings assume a 12-step program, which allows participants to apply what they learn practically. Eden Prairie and neighboring cities boast such meetings. Feel free to enlist in one and receive strength and help from peers.

  • Wooddale Church
    6630 Shady Oak Rd.
    Eden Prairie, MN 55347
  • Colonial Church
    6200 Colonial Way S. Entr.
    Edina, MN 55424
  • St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
    13600 Technology Dr.
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) MeetingsNA meetings are community- based interventions that offer an interaction space for victims of drug and substance misuse. These meetings were established in 1935, and they utilize a 12-step recovery approach that is essential to help members come up with solutions to their challenges. Alumni of NA meetings are urged to continuously attend the meetings to ensure they don’t experience a relapse. Also, they can motivate other participants to achieve a healthy status like them. Join NA meetings near your area and meet other brave members.

  • Pride Institute
    14400 Martin Dr.
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • St. David’s Episcopal Church
    13000 St. David’s Rd.
    Minnetonka, MN 55305

  • Shepherd of the Lake Church
    3611 North Berens Rd. NW
    Prior Lake, MN 55372

SMART Recovery Meetings

Self-Management and Recovery Training interventions help members to empower themselves and foster behaviors that promote soberness while reducing chances of experiencing a relapse. Through a 4-Point approach, these meetings help participants learn about the various ways they can practically avoid behaviors that promote substance misuse. Eden Prairie has several SMART Recovery Meetings that you can visit and meet fellow brave peers and help each other through the road to recovery.

  • Pride Institute
    14400 Martin Dr.
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis
    900 Mount Curve Ave.
    Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • VA Medical Center
    1 Veterans Dr.
    Minneapolis, MN 55417

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Substance dependency does not only affect the victims. It also affects the people who are in close contact with the victims namely usually close family, friends and relatives. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings exist to help such individuals cope with the reality that a loved one is struggling with drug and substance dependency. The members usually come up with solutions to their challenges through discussions and role-plays. These meetings are important to ensure victims are assisted in getting help and receive the support they need throughout their journey to recovery. Enlist to an Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meeting near your area and help kick substance dependency out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

  • Al-Anon
    Wooddale Church
    6630 Shady Oak Rd.
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • Nar-Anon
    Ridgedale YMCA
    12301 Ridgedale Dr.
    Minnetonka, MN 55305

Eden Prairie, Minnesota drug rehab and Eden Prairie, Minnesota alcohol rehab programs have the resources necessary to increase the likelihood of victims to become sober. You can also find similar resources in cities near you within the state of Minnesota.

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