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Portland, Maine, is known for scenic views, beautiful lighthouses and a peaceful marina. However, even in this lovely city, the issue of substance abuse is plaguing the citizens of the city. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem for the entire country. It is particularly bad in the state of Maine. In 2015, the state had 272 drug overdose deaths. This is an epidemic. If you are suffering from substance use disorder, it’s essential that you find effective treatment at a rehabilitation center.

There are many rehabilitation centers, detox centers and recovery meetings in the area for anyone who is looking for drug addiction treatment in Portland, Maine.

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

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When you struggle with an alcohol or a drug addiction, you aren’t just hurting yourself. It is essential for your sake, for your loved ones’ sake and for the whole country’s sake that you seek the treatment that you need.

Finding Help in Portland

Portland, Maine Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation centers offer different levels of treatment programs for those who are seeking drug or alcohol treatment programs. You can find out the best treatment program for you by thinking about your history with addiction and your unique situation. Rehabilitation centers offer the following treatment program.

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    In this treatment program, patients have access to medical professionals 24/7. So patients who have severe addiction issues can be monitored around the clock. If a patient needs detox, this will typically be the treatment program they go into after.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    In this treatment program, patients are at the facility for 6 to 8 hours during the day and then they go home at night. This option is typically best for patients who need more intensive care than the outpatient program, but they are married or have families and don’t want to stay in the facility.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    In this treatment program, patients will only be at the facility for 10 to 15 hours during the week, and the rest of the time they are allowed to stay at home. This is typically the best option for patients who do not have as serious of an addiction.

Detox Centers

When it comes to detox centers, Portland has several options for you. Why do people use detox centers? When you are addicted to certain substances – especially opiates, alcohol or benzodiazepines – you may have painful, dangerous or even fatal withdrawal symptoms when you stop that substance. If you attempt to detox by yourself, you may be tempted to relapse as soon as you get to painful withdrawal symptoms. At a detox center, you will be medically monitored throughout the whole process.

While detox is important, especially if you are coming off a substance from which you have to detox, if you just go to a detox center, you will only be treating the physical aspect of your addiction. It is in a treatment program that you work on the psychological and emotional aspects of your addiction, which is often the root cause.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Having a successful aftercare plan can involve a recovery group like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or SMART Recovery. Fortunately, there are many meetings you can attend in Portland.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

For decades, Alcoholics Anonymous has been a fellowship of men and women with alcohol addiction. They are an international, non-profit organization that has regular meetings in over 170 countries. In meetings, there will typically be a discussion leader, but then everyone in attendance can share their thoughts, feelings and experiences if they so wish. The community of AA supports each other and leans on each other to help others stay sober. Here are the AA meetings in Portland.

  • Sunshine Group
    Maine Irish Heritage Center
    34 Gray St.
    Portland, ME 04102

  • Spiritual Solution
    St. Ansgar Lutheran Church
    515 Woodford St.
    Portland, ME 04103

  • Brown Bag Group
    Sahara Club
    135 Washington Ave.
    Portland, ME 04101

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Using the same 12 steps and the same structural system as AA, Narcotics Anonymous is a group dedicated to those who struggle with drug addiction as opposed to just alcohol addiction. Meetings are similar to AA meetings in that they involve open discussions. NA members always lean on each other to help each other abstain from drug use. There are several options for NA meetings in Portland. Here are a few.

  • ABC Baptist Church
    1 Elm St.
    Topsham, ME 04086

  • Addiction Resource Center
    66 Baribeau Dr. Ste. 3
    Brunswick, ME 04011

  • Shelter
    203 Oxford St.
    Portland, ME 04101

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART (Self-Management for Addiction Recovery Training) Recovery is a relatively new recovery program as they were founded in 1994. They have grown to be the largest 12-step alternative in the world. With a focus on self-empowerment and self-reliance, they operate based on a 4-point system that includes coping with urges, living a balanced life, building motivation and managing thoughts and behaviors. Here are the meetings that are close to Portland.

  • Portland Recovery Community Center
    468 Forest Ave.
    Portland, ME 04101

  • Augusta Wednesday
    295 Water St.
    Augusta, ME 04330

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

If you love someone who has substance misuse issues, it can be very emotionally draining. You may find that you desperately need a support system. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are 12-step support groups that provide an open, honest and supportive environment for the loved ones of those who have drug and/or alcohol addiction. Here are the Nar-Anon and Al-Anon meetings near you.

  • Nar-Anon
    Greater Portland Living With Freedom
    Parish of St. Anthony
    268 Brown St.
    Westbrook, ME 04092

  • Al-Anon
    Mercy Hospital
    144 State St.
    Portland, ME 04101

  • Al-Anon
    St. Ansgar Evangelical Lutheran Church
    515 Woodford St.
    Portland, ME 04103

When you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Portland, Maine, there are many resources that will help you. There are also addition resources in surrounding communities.

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