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Decatur has a beautiful location in Macon County by Lake Decatur and the Sangamon River. In the central part of Illinois, it has easy accessibility to nearby communities and attractions. For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as relaxing in the parks, hiking the trails, kayaking at Lakeshore Landing, wandering through the beautiful Rock Springs Nature Center and enjoying the thrills at the nearby Macon County Speedway. The area benefits from a stable employment rate, and residents enjoy a low cost of living.

Unfortunately, crimes relating to drug distribution and use have affected the city’s otherwise harmonious atmosphere. Also on the rise are overdose rates, which are shockingly high, similar to what they are across the country. This epidemic shows no signs of slowing, making it increasingly more important to bring light to the subject.

Help is at hand in the form of recovery resources for individuals struggling to cope with substance misuse in Decatur. There are numerous recovery programs and treatments centers in Illinois, with many drug rehab centers in Decatur, IL.

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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Decatur, Illinois

Decatur drug treatment facilities divide into different levels to cater to varying levels of substance misuse. Many patients prefer to opt for residential treatment first before moving on to partial hospitalization or an outpatient programs. It’s important that you understand the differences before choosing which treatment program to enter.

Decatur Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs require individuals to reside at the treatment facility throughout the duration of the program. Many programs last between 30 and 90 days. In some facilities, longer stays of six months or more are an option. Professionals give supervision and care around the clock while patients participate in physical activities and attend individual and group therapy sessions. Skills training helps patients deal with daily sober life after the treatment program has ended, and these skills include nutritional planning and stress management. Residential treatment programs ensure patients recover in a healthy environment away from the triggers and temptations they may face in their home environment. Patients suffering from prolonged or severe addictions are best suited to an inpatient drug rehab in Decatur, IL.

Decatur Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs dispense with the residential aspect but require patients to spend a significant amount of time each day at the treatment facility. They can stay overnight in their own homes, provided a safe and stable environment is available. Patients still have access to and benefit from many of the amenities offered in residential drug treatment in Decatur.

Decatur Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient programs give patients a lot more freedom and flexibility. Patients continue with normal commitments of work and family as they live at home, attending therapy sessions at scheduled times. As patients don’t benefit from the same level of professional care that’s given in the other two programs, outpatient drug rehabs in Decatur, IL are only suitable for those with mild substance misuse problems or those who’ve gone through treatment at a higher level.

Before deciding which drug or alcohol rehab center in Decatur, IL to opt for, take into account the length of your addiction and the substances involved. Check to see what treatments your insurance covers and what other financial help you may have access to. To guide you toward the best decision, it’s worth speaking to an addiction specialist.

Decatur Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

It’s a brave step to admit you need help with a substance misuse disorder. The next step is to detox, which removes all the harmful substances from your body. At-home detoxing is not advisable due to the potentially serious withdrawal symptoms. Medical professionals in a Decatur alcohol detox or Decatur drug detox center monitor you and administer medical care as needed to help you get through the process with as little discomfort as possible. If you prefer, combine detox with a treatment program to address the underlying issues relating to your addiction simultaneously.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Decatur

Never underestimate the importance of aftercare, as it helps motivate you to stay on the path to sobriety. Recovery groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery provide encouragement and support to help ensure you don’t suffer a relapse. In Decatur, there are many recovery groups and support meetings for you to make the most of as part of your drug or alcohol rehab in Decatur, Illinois.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the oldest recovery groups in the world. It helps alcoholics break their addictions through a 12-step recovery program, and it’s been doing so for over eight decades. Membership is free, merely asking members to commit to sobriety. Regular meetings allow members to share their experiences and support one another through recovery in an upbeat atmosphere. There are numerous AA meeting locations nearby to Decatur.

Nueva Luz
228 E Lake St., Hamdard Center, Suite 200
Addison, IL 60101

Sunshine Group
960 W Army Trail Blvd., Good Samaritan United Methodist Church
Addison, IL 60101

Slow Learners
1233 W Holtz Ave., St. Philip the Apostle School
Addison, IL 60101

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous is the equivalent recovery group to Alcoholics Anonymous, with those suffering from addiction to drugs being its focus. The recovery group uses the same 12-Step spiritual program, asking members to complete the steps with guidance from a sponsor. Sponsors have already achieved sobriety and remained sober for a significant amount of time. Decatur features numerous NA meeting locations.

White Building
420 S Franklin St.
Decatur, IL 62523

Salvation Army Men’s Shelter
229 W Main St.
Decatur, IL 62523

St. Mary’s Hospital
1800 E Lake Shore Dr.
Decatur, IL 62521

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery gives encouragement and support to those striving to recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Members participate in a 4-Point recovery program to achieve and retain sobriety. Scientific, cognitive, motivational and behavioral methods result in self-empowerment, which leads individuals to be self-reliant when handling their addiction issues and their goal to remain sober. As part of the program, they learn to self-manage their thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

Carnegie Public Library
712 6th St.
Charleston, IL 61920

Resolutions Unlimited Treatment Center
456 Fulton St.
Peoria, IL 61602

New Directions
153 N Vermilion St.
Danville, IL 61832

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

The families, spouses and friends of those close to individuals suffering from substance misuse disorders also need support but are inevitably forgotten in the harmful cycle that substance misuse creates. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon don’t forget these individuals and exist specifically to offer them much-needed support and guidance. The welcoming and informative meetings let members know they’re not alone, keep them motivated, allow them to share their experiences and put to rest any false information about addiction. Members are free to attend meetings as often as they like.

Central United Methodist Church
269 W Eldorado St.
Decatur, IL 62522

Focusing On Me, Laurel United Methodist Church
631 S Grand Ave. W
Springfield, IL 62704

For those seeking drug or alcohol treatment in Decatur, there are many recovery resources available. It’s also a good idea to check what recovery resources are available in nearby cities if you need to put some distance between you and your normal environment.

Medical Disclaimer

The Recovery Village aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with substance use or mental health disorder with fact-based content about the nature of behavioral health conditions, treatment options and their related outcomes. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.

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