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While more and more individuals are struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction, the nation is experiencing an epidemic of substance abuse. Substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin can do serious damage. However, prescription drugs can be just as serious of an issue. There is a false belief that a drug can’t be dangerous if it is prescribed. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While the entire country has been affected by substance misuse, the state of Delaware has been hit hard. With the crackdown of the abuse of prescription painkillers, heroin – which is cheaper, purer and more available – has taken over as one of the most commonly abused substances in the state. While it might seem discouraging to talk about drug and alcohol addiction, the good news is that help is available, especially in cities like Newark.

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Finding Help & Recovery in Newark, DE

Newark, Delaware Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Centers

Alcohol and substance misuse contributes to social and family issues. Substance abuse leads to problems at the individual, family, community and national levels. In fact, this has been made worse due to the fact that most people don’t know how and where to get the necessary help. If you or someone you love are one of those struggling with substance misuse, the good news is that the help you need to recover and start your journey to sobriety is a phone call away. There are a wide range of rehab centers, drug treatment facilities and alcohol treatment facilities locally and also national options where people can go for effective treatment and recovery.

According to the report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioid misuse claimed the lives of more than 33,000 people in 2015, the highest annual number recorded. In fact, the report reveals that the national record stands at 78 lives per day. These statistics may be worrying but there is light at the end of the tunnel. While there are widespread efforts underway to curb opioid misuse, there are steps individuals and families can take as well. If you are suffering from substance use disorder and need help in a treatment facility you can choose from a number of treatment programs ranging from outpatient and partial hospitalization to residential options.

Residential Treatment Programs in Newark

A residential treatment program is when, as a patient, you are admitted to an inpatient treatment facility. Here, various methods are used to help you recover. The treatment process starts with detoxification to help you eliminate the harmful substances from your body. Additionally, you get a chance to receive both individual and group therapies. The methods of treatment do not end here. Supplemental treatments and therapies may be included in a recovery plan as well. For example, yoga, meditation and vocational training and rehabilitation may all be part of a residential treatment program.

Newark Partial Hospitalization Programs

Here, you are not admitted fully in a treatment center. You are required, however, to report to the treatment center during specific days or hours for treatment. This option also has its own benefits such as more freedom and a chance to choose a treatment plan. With the partial hospitalization program, you will also get a chance to continue with your treatment protocol in the comfort of your home as long as you have access to a safe and stable environment.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient is preferred by most patients because it is less restrictive compared to the other two treatment programs. Keep in mind that this is subject to your condition at that time as this is meant for those with mild health problems or addiction symptoms. You are given a chance to continue with your treatment routine at home while you go on with your daily activities.

To pick the best program, you need to analyze each of them to determine one that works for you. It might be a local drug rehab or alcohol rehab program in the Newark area. Or perhaps you’d prefer to travel for treatment. Your decision will also be based on your condition at that time as well as your drug use history. On the other hand, those with severe cases of drug addiction can start with the inpatient program for a closer medical attention before transitioning to lower levels of treatment.

Detox Centers

With most treatment programs, you will be introduced to detoxification , which is when the focus is on eliminating the substances completely from your body. It is advised that you seek help from medical professionals because they understand the human body and how it reacts to the process. To overcome the misuse efficiently and effectively, it’s beneficial to choose a facility that offers both detoxification and treatment to avoid the inconveniences of seeking help from two different facilities.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Newark

Once you’ve completed a treatment program, an extension of your recovery can be found through attending regular meetings with a group like SMART Recovery or Narcotics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Once you’ve completed a treatment program, an extension of your recovery can be found through attending regular meetings with a group like SMART Recovery or Narcotics Anonymous.

Dawn Patrol Group
Westminster House
First Presbyterian
292 W. Main St.
Newark, DE 19711

Just Do It
Holy Family Church
15 Gender Rd.
Newark, DE 19713

Humble Beginnings
Christiana United Methodist
21 W. Main St.
Newark, DE 19702

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

The 12-step group that centers around people who have a drug addiction is called Narcotics Anonymous or NA. This includes people who are addicted to cocaine, heroin, opiates, methamphetamine and more. A number of these substances have special 12-step groups, but none are as big and as inclusive as Narcotics Anonymous. Here are three NA meetings in Newark.

Newark Methodist Church
69 E. Main St.
Newark, DE 19711

Westminster House
292 W. Main St.
Newark, DE 19711

Saint Nicholas’ Episcopal Church
10 Old Newark Rd.
Newark, DE 19713

SMART Recovery Meetings

Using a 4-point system that’s different from the more traditional 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups, SMART Recovery – which stands for Self-Management for Addiction Recovery Training – was founded in 1994. SMART Recovery is currently the largest alternative to 12-step groups, and it focuses on self-empowerment and self-reliance. There are meetings all throughout the world and on the internet. Here is the closest meeting to Newark.

James United Methodist Church
213 N. Walnut St.
Rising Sun, MD 21911

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon is a sister organization to AA that is dedicated to the loved ones of those who are addicted to alcohol. Similarly, Nar-Anon is a sister organization to NA that is dedicated to the loved ones of those who are addicted to drugs. Being the loved one of someone who has substance use disorder can be difficult. When these people need support from one another, they can gather at Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. Here are three meetings in the Newark area.

Westminster House
292 W. Main St.
Newark, DE 19711

Holy Family Church Parish
Outreach Bldg
15 Gender Rd.
Newark, DE 19713

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Building
345 Bear-Christiana Rd.
Bear, DE 19701

On the subject of addiction treatment in Newark, Delaware, there are many options available in the form of detox centers, rehab centers and recovery meetings. There are also many resources in nearby cities.