Fort Smith Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

Arkansas is currently being plagued by drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction and substance overdose rates are high, and a great deal of families and communities are being ripped apart because of illegal substances like heroin and crack cocaine or because of legal substances like alcohol or prescription opiates. While this situation may seem a little hopeless, the positive side of this epidemic is that there are many resources for those who are in the throes of addiction. Detox centers, rehabilitation centers and recovery meetings can be great resources for those who wish to conquer their substance use disorder.

Over 11,000 people in the state of Arkansas were admitted to substance abuse facilities. There are plenty of addiction resources for people all across the state of Arkansas, particularly in the city of Fort Smith. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, the good news for you is that treatment is available. You only have to be willing to see it.

As a citizen in Fort Smith, Arkansas, there are numerous treatment options that are available.

Our Closest Facility:
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The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake Drug & Alcohol Rehab
443 S. Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133
(719) 602-0914
The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Arkansas. Our closest facility is near Palmer Lake CO and can be seen in the map above.

Finding Help & Recovery in Fort Smith, AR

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Fort Smith, Arkansas

It isn’t easy to go from a life of substance misuse to a life of sobriety. Treatment for this disease must be obtained on different levels: psychological, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental recovery. This type of recovery happens in a treatment program. The majority of facilities have three different treatment programs that are available.

Fort Smith Residential Treatment Programs

For the patients who are severely addicted to drugs or alcohol, detox may be needed. After detox, these patients will go into a residential treatment program where they will stay in the facility 24 hours a day for the duration of the program. They will have access to medical care, therapy and courses.

Fort Smith Partial Hospitalization Programs

For the patients who are in need of intensive treatment similar to the treatment that residential patients get, but who have access to a stable and secure living situation, a partial hospitalization program may be ideal. In a PHP, patients will be at the facility for 6 to 8 hours a day. They will have access to medical care, therapy and courses.

Fort Smith Outpatient Treatment Programs

For the patients who have the least severe addictions, an outpatient treatment program may be ideal. In an outpatient program, patients will be at the facility for 10 to 20 hours during the week. During that time, they will have access to medical care, therapy and courses.

Fort Smith Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

The process of detoxing from certain substances can be a difficult one. The withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and brutal, especially when you are detoxing from benzodiazepines, for example, like Klonopin or Xanax. The reason many patients choose to go to a detox center is that these facilities will provide you with medical assistance throughout this process.

While detox centers can certainly be helpful, a full-service treatment facility is usually a wiser choice because detox programs and treatment programs are both available. The downside of a detox center is that a detox center will not give you the in-depth inpatient or outpatient treatment programs that are necessary to your recovery.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Fort Smith

There are several recovery groups that hold regular meetings. These are excellent resources for the aftercare stage once you have completed a treatment program. There are many options for meetings in Fort Smith.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Everyone knows the sayings that make Alcoholics Anonymous famous: “Keep coming back because it works if you work it” and “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” This is because AA has a reputation for being one of the most effective recovery groups. Using the 12 steps, Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping millions of people all over the world. Here are a few Fort Smith meetings.

Early Bird Group
Pioneer Building
500 F St. N.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Pioneer Group
Pioneer Building
500 F. St. N.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Friday Night Winners Group
St. Bartholom Episcopal Church
2701 Old Greenwood Rd.
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

In 1953, the members of Alcoholics Anonymous saw the need for a similar group that focused on drug addiction, and Narcotics Anonymous was born. Founded by Jimmy Kinnon, NA is now the second largest recovery group in the world. It uses the same 12 steps as AA, and the meetings are structured in a similar way. Here are three options for NA meetings in Fort Smith.

The Garage
223 N. 12th St.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
223 S. 14th St.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

STEPS Family Resource Center
708 Garrison Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery provides an alternative to the 12-step meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Using a 4-point system that focuses on self-reliance, SMART Recovery is a better fit for those who feel that AA and NA are too spiritually based. SMART Recovery is more scientifically based, and it looks at addiction as more of a series of destructive behaviors than a disease that needs to be treated. Here is the meeting closest to Fort Smith.

P.E.E.P’s in Recovery
21355 Main St.
Reeds Spring, MO 65737

Al-Anon and Nar Anon Meetings

While the person suffering with an addiction to drugs or alcohol has a lot of strife and difficulty, their loved ones – friends, relatives and spouses – deal with a lot of strife and difficulty as well. Sometimes, they will be in need of a support group of their own. For these people, Nar-Anon and Al-Anon meetings may be helpful. Here are a few options for meetings in the area.

Central Presbyterian Church
2901 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Midland Heights United Methodist Church
3500 N. 6th St.
Fort Smith, AR 72904

Community Bible Church
9201 Dallas St.
Fort Smith, AR 72903

While there are many helpful resources for those who are seeking drug or alcohol rehab centers in Fort Smith, Arkansas, there are also many nearby cities that have additional resources which may be helpful.