Key Takeaways

  • Georgia has various rehab centers, including First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab, which offers comprehensive addiction care.
  • Opioid-related overdose deaths in Georgia have led to increased demand for effective treatment programs.
  • First Health Rehab provides inpatient and outpatient services, focusing on individualized care plans.
  • The center’s facilities are designed to support recovery, featuring a Rehab Village for simulating real-life challenges.
  • First Health’s mission and values likely emphasize high-quality healthcare, patient-centered care, and community wellness.
  • Outpatient services at First Health include a range of therapies and aftercare plans to maintain long-term sobriety.
  • The professional team at First Health adopts a multidisciplinary treatment approach for comprehensive care.
  • Innovative treatment approaches at First Health include twelve-step facilitation therapy and family therapy.
  • Success rates and patient reviews are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of First Health Rehab’s treatment.
  • Relapse rates for addiction are similar to those of chronic diseases, and ongoing support is crucial for long-term recovery.

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    An Overview of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Georgia

    Georgia hosts a variety of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, each with its unique approach to treatment, reflecting the diverse needs of individuals struggling with addiction. While specific information on First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab is not provided, a general overview of rehab centers in Georgia indicates a comprehensive approach to recovery, often including both inpatient and outpatient services. For example, facilities like The Summit Wellness Group and Mount Sinai Wellness Center offer specialized treatments supported by various therapeutic programs catering to the unique circumstances of each patient.

    Georgia's opioid crisis is particularly pronounced, with opioid-related overdose deaths increasing significantly over the years. This has led to a surge in demand for effective treatment programs. In response, rehab centers in Georgia provide a range of services, from mindfulness-based therapies to medically-supported detox and recovery programs. These centers are spread across the state, with a higher concentration in the capital, Atlanta, and other major cities like Roswell, Dahlonega, and Marietta.

    Rehabilitation centers in Georgia are equipped to address not only substance and alcohol addiction but also co-occurring mental health conditions. With a focus on flexibility and accessibility, many centers accept various insurance and payment options, ensuring that a larger population can receive the help they need. The most common substances requiring detox include opioids and alcohol, highlighting the pressing need for these services in the state.

    While the research does not detail the specifics of First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab, the overarching theme among Georgia rehab centers is comprehensive care, evidence-based treatment, and a commitment to individualized recovery plans. These centers are dedicated to helping individuals achieve long-term sobriety and improve their overall quality of life.

    Facilities and Location of First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

    First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Georgia boasts a variety of facilities designed to support the recovery journey of individuals dealing with substance abuse. The center is registered with the National Provider Identifier database, ensuring it meets national standards for healthcare providers. With locations such as Pembroke and Pinehurst, First Health Rehab provides accessible care across the region.

    The center's contact number at Pembroke is (910) 522-2072, allowing potential patients to schedule appointments conveniently. In Pinehurst, FirstHealth Behavioral Services is at 35 Memorial Drive and can be contacted at (910) 715-3370. The FirstHealth Cancer Center, another integral part of the facility, is at 135 Page Road North and can be reached at (910) 715-3500.

    First Health Rehab is committed to offering state-of-the-art rehabilitation services. For over 40 years, it has been a staple in the Sandhills region, providing patients with access to the latest therapeutic technologies and continuous education for its therapists. This commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by the Moore Regional's Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation, which has consistently earned three-year accreditations from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, highlighting its dedication to maintaining high standards of care.

    The FirstHealth Inpatient Center for Rehabilitation features a unique therapeutic Rehab Village designed to simulate real-life challenges and environments to better prepare patients for their return to daily life. For outpatient needs, the Sanford location at 2925 Beechtree Drive offers convenient services for recovery patients.

    Core Mission and Values of First Health Rehab

    Like many healthcare organizations, First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia is expected to have a mission and set of core values that guide its operations and patient care. Although specific information about First Health Rehab's mission and values is not directly available, we can infer from industry standards and similar organizations the type of mission and values that may be foundational to its service.

    Typically, a rehab center's mission statement emphasizes high-quality healthcare delivery, compassionate patient-centered care, and a commitment to the wellness and health of its community. This is often coupled with a vision of being a leader in healthcare excellence and innovation, as seen in the examples of Health First and Magee Rehabilitation's mission statements.

    Core values in the rehabilitation field often include collaboration, accountability, teamwork, and excellence in care. These values foster environments where interdisciplinary teams work together to develop individualized care plans, as First Coast Health & Rehabilitation Center suggested. Furthermore, Encompass Health highlights the importance of empathy and personalized programs, indicating a patient-first approach that prioritizes understanding each patient's needs.

    First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia likely aligns with these industry values. It focuses on delivering comprehensive services that meet the individual needs of residents and patients, ensuring their journey to recovery is supported by a dedicated professional team.

    Comprehensive Programs and Services at First Health Rehab

    First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia offers a multifaceted approach to addiction recovery, providing both inpatient and outpatient services designed to meet the diverse needs of those seeking help. The rehab center's outpatient services encompass a range of therapies, including aquatic therapy, dry needling, and hand therapy, tailored to individual recovery goals. Active Release Therapy (ART) is also available, targeting soft tissue problems to alleviate tension caused by repetitive use.

    For those requiring a more intensive level of care, First Health's inpatient services are accredited by Det Norske Veritas Healthcare (DNV) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International, signifying the highest standards in rehabilitative care. These inpatient services focus on providing a structured environment with comprehensive therapy options to support recovery.

    First Health Rehab's outpatient programs vary. They offer partial hospitalization for those needing services similar to inpatient care and traditional outpatient settings like community mental health clinics and counselors' offices. Group and individual counseling are integral components of the outpatient model, ensuring continuous support and monitoring of progress post-treatment.

    Recognizing the importance of aftercare, First Health Rehab assists in creating an aftercare plan before discharge aimed at maintaining long-term sobriety and addressing any challenges that may arise in everyday life without substance use. This holistic and personalized approach to treatment at First Health Rehab underscores their commitment to patient-centered care and long-term recovery success.

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Services at First Health Rehab

    First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia offers comprehensive inpatient services designed to support individuals on their journey to recovery. The inpatient program at First Health Rehab is structured to provide intensive care and is suitable for patients with severe health concerns requiring close medical supervision. To be admitted into the inpatient rehab program, patients must meet specific criteria, including tolerating at least three hours of therapy per day and needing at least two types of treatment, including physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Furthermore, patients should demonstrate potential for improvement and require close supervision by a rehabilitation physician.

    The duration of the inpatient services varies according to individual needs, with a tailored approach to ensure the best possible outcomes. The inpatient program includes a variety of therapies used in treatment, focusing on a holistic recovery process. These therapies are administered by a professional team of healthcare providers with expertise in addiction and rehabilitation, ensuring that each patient receives personalized care. The inpatient services are designed to foster an environment conducive to recovery, with facilities that support patients' physical and emotional well-being.

    Recent updates from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) indicate that changes to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Prospective Payment System (IRF PPS) for fiscal year 2024 may affect payment policies and rates, as well as the IRF Quality Reporting Program (QRP). These updates are part of CMS's ongoing efforts to ensure rehabilitation facilities provide patients with high-quality care.

    Comprehensive Outpatient Services at First Health Rehab

    First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia offers a robust outpatient program designed to facilitate a smooth transition from inpatient care and support long-term recovery. Outpatient services encompass various therapeutic modalities tailored to individual needs, ensuring a personalized approach to rehabilitation. FirstHealth of the Carolinas highlights the importance of evidence-based care and experienced staff in delivering quality outpatient treatment.

    • Outpatient programs may include aftercare or follow-up care, allowing individuals to meet with therapists or groups for continued support and progress monitoring.
    • Patients benefit from a range of services like aquatic therapy, dry needling, and hand therapy, with treatment plans crafted to meet specific rehabilitation goals.
    • The outpatient model's flexibility is essential, with programs like partial hospitalization providing intensive care during the day while patients return home at night.
    • Group and individual counseling are integral components, addressing the substance or substances used, any co-occurring mental health disorders, and other personalized factors.

    For those questioning if outpatient services are suitable, First Health Rehab offers consultations with addiction treatment professionals to establish the best care path. In relapse cases, the program adapts, potentially recommending a higher level of care or alterations to the rehabilitation plan. With outpatient services available in various settings, including community clinics and hospitals, First Health Rehab ensures accessibility and continuity of care for those on their recovery journey.

    Expert Team and Collaborative Treatment at First Health Rehab

    At First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia, an expert team adopts a multidisciplinary treatment approach, ensuring comprehensive care for individuals living with substance use disorders. The professional staff, often led by a physiatrist, works collaboratively to design personalized rehabilitation programs tailored to each patient's unique needs. This approach is grounded in the philosophy that combining specialized skills and interdisciplinary cooperation can significantly enhance patient outcomes.

    The team typically includes a range of healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, therapists, and support staff, all contributing their expertise to the patient's recovery journey. The effectiveness of this model lies in its collaborative nature, where overlapping treatment goals and regular communication between team members are paramount. Such a setup fosters joint problem-solving and ensures that the care provided is patient-focused and holistic.

    First Health's commitment to building a compassionate and competent rehabilitation team is evident in their dedication to continuous learning and adaptation to best serve their patients. While challenges exist, especially in developing countries, First Health Rehab's approach addresses these through local arrangements and a steadfast commitment to quality care. The staff's qualifications and experience testify to the center's mission to offer exceptional rehabilitation services.

    Expertise and Qualifications of the First Health Rehab Professional Team

    The professional team at First Health Rehab comprises highly qualified and experienced individuals dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare. With a focus on quality, customer experience, and stewardship, the team includes specialists such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified hand therapists who bring extensive expertise to the rehabilitation process. The staff is renowned for their advanced knowledge, skill, and experience, as evidenced by board certifications and specialized training in areas like Active Release Therapy (ART) and hand therapy.

    First Health Rehab's commitment to building a compassionate and competent team is reflected in the addition of professionals like Danielle Benoit, OTR/L, CHT, MEd, who has over 25 years of experience in occupational therapy and a specialization in hand therapy. The team works collaboratively within a multidisciplinary framework to ensure that all rehabilitation needs are met, offering 24-hour access to rehabilitation nurses and close medical supervision by physicians. Customized treatment plans are developed to cater to each patient's specific needs, demonstrating the center's personalized approach to care.

    The rehabilitation professionals at First Health Rehab are part of a larger, nationally recognized healthcare system that includes a network of hospitals, specialty clinics, and comprehensive care centers. With over 6,000 employees, the organization is dedicated to delivering high-quality care and supporting a robust team that contributes to the center's reputation for excellent patient outcomes.

    Innovative Treatment Approaches at First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab

    The treatment approach at First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia is multifaceted, incorporating a range of methodologies that reflect the complexity of addiction recovery. Central to their philosophy is the recognition of addiction as a multidimensional issue, necessitating a holistic treatment model that addresses the biological, psychological, and social aspects of the disease.

    First Health Rehab embraces the well-established twelve-step facilitation therapy, which is grounded in the principles of acceptance, surrender, and active involvement in support groups like AA or NA. This approach fosters a supportive community and encourages long-term recovery. Moreover, the facility recognizes the importance of family dynamics in the recovery process and thus includes family therapy to help repair relationships and improve communication.

    Understanding that no single treatment approach fits all, First Health Rehab also considers the individual's unique circumstances, including their psychological motivations, social environment, and economic factors. Personalized care plans may, therefore, include a combination of evidence-based practices, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and holistic therapies like mindfulness and stress management techniques. This personalized approach aims to empower patients, promote self-reliance and address the broader context of each individual's addiction.

    Lastly, First Health Rehab is committed to combating the stigma associated with addiction through education and advocacy, ensuring a compassionate and non-judgmental environment for recovery. Their comprehensive approach not only targets the symptoms of addiction but also seeks to foster personal growth, resilience, and a sustainable path to sobriety.

    Understanding the Success Rates and Patient Reviews of First Health Rehab

    When evaluating the effectiveness of First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia, it is essential to consider both the success rates and the patient reviews. Success rates for alcohol and drug rehab centers, such as First Health, are multifaceted and can be measured by various outcomes, including abstinence rates, satisfaction with quality of life post-discharge, and readmission rates. According to industry research, factors contributing to successful recovery encompass formal treatment programs, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), individualized therapy, group and family therapy, education on life skills, and robust aftercare support. Data indicates that a median residential treatment stay of 25 days, combined with a long-term management plan, is a protocol associated with success.

    Specific statistics from the field suggest that success varies by program, with around 36% of individuals recovering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) after one year and about 60% achieving long-term sobriety after maintaining two years of sobriety post-treatment. Moreover, patient reviews serve as a critical insight into the real-world experiences and satisfaction levels of those undergoing treatment at First Health Rehab. Reviews can provide perspectives on the quality of care, the facility's environment, and the program's effectiveness. Rehab centers must establish measurable, verified outcomes to standardize care and enable informed decisions by patients and their families.

    Ultimately, the success of a rehab center like First Health is determined by a combination of treatment outcomes and patient experiences. This comprehensive view helps prospective patients and their loved ones make educated choices regarding their treatment options.

    Understanding the Success Rates of First Health Rehab

    Assessing the success rates of First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia involves examining relapse rates and long-term recovery statistics. While specific data for First Health Rehab is not provided, general addiction recovery statistics offer insight into the efficacy of rehabilitation programs. Studies indicate that relapse rates for drug and alcohol use are similar to those of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, with an estimated 40-60% of individuals experiencing relapse during recovery. However, it's important to note that relapse is not an indicator of failed treatment but rather a part of the long-term recovery process that may require ongoing support and possibly revised treatment strategies.

    Successful recovery from substance use disorders often involves comprehensive treatment programs followed by continued care post-rehabilitation. For example, incarcerated individuals who receive extensive treatment and continue care upon release show a 50-70% decrease in drug use. Moreover, national surveys suggest that about one-third of individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) attempt to quit drinking each year. The Recovery Village emphasizes a multi-pronged approach to treatment, focusing on the individual as a whole and adjusting care levels as needed. Additionally, The Recovery Village utilizes tools like the Weekly Recovery Compass to monitor patient progress and address emerging issues promptly.

    Ultimately, the success of addiction treatment is multifaceted and dependent on various factors, including the individual's motivation, support system, and the continuation of care post-treatment. Rehab centers must provide a supportive environment that nurtures the key aspects contributing to a patient's motivation and recovery journey.

    Evaluating Patient Satisfaction at First Health Rehab

    Understanding patient satisfaction and experiences is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness and quality of care at First Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Georgia. While specific patient reviews of First Health Rehab are not directly available, insights can be drawn from general sentiments about similar rehabilitation services. Patients often share their experiences regarding the supportiveness of the staff, the comfort of the facilities, and the success of the treatment they received. These factors contribute significantly to patient satisfaction and can indicate First Health Rehab's care level.

    For instance, reviews might highlight the healthcare team's professionalism and empathy, the programs' thoroughness, and the overall environment that supports recovery. Positive feedback commonly revolves around personalized care plans, the quality of medical and psychological support, and the effectiveness of aftercare services in fostering long-term recovery. Conversely, areas for improvement may be identified if patients report a lack of individual attention, insufficient post-treatment support, or challenges with the facility's environment.

    While the research does not directly relate to First Health Rehab, it underscores the importance of patient feedback in healthcare settings. Prospective patients and their families often rely on such testimonials when choosing a rehab facility. Therefore, First Health Rehab's commitment to transparency and patient-centered care can be further demonstrated by openly sharing genuine patient reviews and success stories on its platform.

    Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment at The Recovery Village

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    Our representatives can answer your questions and guide you toward treatment in your area. Your call will be confidential, and you don’t have to commit to a program to learn more about treatment options. Call today and find out how we can help you towards a healthier, happier future.

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