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Some patients who suffer with chronic and long-term pain have difficulty managing that pain with oral prescription medications. For those people, an alternative called Infumorph may be prescribed by their healthcare provider. Infumorph is a very high-dose, preservative-free morphine sulfate solution that is administered via a programmable infusion pump. Because of the way the drug is administered, there is little chance of it being abused by traditional means or of an addiction forming, though associated misuse and addiction can still occur.

Used alone, Infumorph puts the patient at risk for respiratory failure – a common side effect of morphine use. If the user does not follow instructions to avoid things like CNS depressants, alcohol, or other narcotics during use, they put themselves at much greater risk for an occurrence of serious, even life-threatening side effects.

While development of a drug addiction is less likely as an outcome from the use of Infumorph itself, it is not entirely impossible. Morphine is an opioid and all opioids are known for building a tolerance in a person’s body. If doses are not properly managed as the tolerance builds, pain once again manifests and the user may seek out other drugs to once again feel relief from pain. This is where the chance of addiction lies.

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Infumorph Related Topics

Infumorph Mixing It and AlcoholInfumorph should not be mixed with alcohol. The combined use of Infumorph and alcohol can increase the likelihood of opioid overdose and alcohol toxicity. Infumorph should not be taken in conjunction with serotonergic drugs such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) used to treat depression.
Infumorph OverdoseInfumorph is a liquid solution of the potent pain reliever morphine sulfate. It’s administered by continuous spinal injection via a microinfusion device. Infumorph is indicated for the management of severe chronic pain.
Infumorph While Pregnant: What You Need to KnowInfumorph and other prescription opioids are classified as category C drugs during pregnancy. Category C drugs aren’t considered fully safe or unsafe during pregnancy.