Infumorph – FAQ

Infumorph is a preservative-free morphine sulfate sterile solution used in the treatment of chronic intractable pain. It is a high-dose product, much more so than doses typically recommended and is used for people with chronic, long-term, and previously unmanageable pain. It is administered only via the SynchroMed™ II pump, which is a programmable infusion system made by Medtronic. The system delivers pain medication into the intrathecal space of the patient for whom this form of treatment has been prescribed.

As a morphine-based narcotic, Infumorph would normally be of high risk for addiction, though, because doses are controlled by a physician who sets up the system to regulate them, this is typically unlikely. However, misuse of sorts can still occur, and this happens when other substances are introduced into the user’s body. When used alone, Infumorph puts the patient at risk for respiratory failure as a side effect of the morphine. If coupled with alcohol, central nervous system (CNS) depressants, or other narcotics, the risk of other serious adverse effects are greatly multiplied.

Additionally, morphine is an opioid drug and dependency can occur after long term use. As the person’s body becomes more tolerant to the drug, it may become less effective. Sometimes people seek out other substances to help regain the feeling of relieved pain that they once had, and a cycle of abuse has then set in and needs to be addressed, preferably by professionals as the withdrawal process from opioids can be very harsh for the user.

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