Heroin use has been on the rise as a part of the larger opioid epidemic impacting the United States. It’s important for people to be informed about the facts on heroin, what signs of use look like and general red flags to keep in mind if they’re worried someone close to them might be using this drug.

To help identify signs of heroin use, it’s important to be aware of its street names as well as what it looks like.

The Street Names for Heroin

Parents can often feel like they don’t even know what their teenagers are talking about. It may sometimes even seem like they’re speaking to their friends in a code language. In some cases, they actually are — especially when they don’t want their parents or the people around them to know what they’re discussing.

With that in mind, it’s critical for parents to know the street names for heroin.

Some of the street names for heroin include:

  • Smack
  • H
  • Big H
  • Tar
  • Dope
  • Hell dust
  • Horse
  • Junk
  • Chiba
  • Brown Sugar
  • Mud
  • China White
  • White
  • White nurse
  • White lady
  • White horse
  • White girl
  • White boy
  • White stuff
  • He
  • Boy
  • Brown crystal
  • Mexican brown
  • Mexican mud
  • Snow
  • Snowball
  • Skunk
  • Thunder

There are different forms of heroin, including white and brown powders and black tar.

Black tar heroin has several of its own street names, including:

  • Black tar
  • Black pearl
  • Chiva
  • Mexican black tar
  • Mexican tar
  • Negra

Heroin Mixed With Drugs Street Names

There are also street names for heroin mixed with other substances:

  • Heroin and cold medicine:
    • Cheese
  • Heroin and ecstasy:
    • H-bomb
    • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Heroin and alprazolam:
    • Bars
  • Heroin and cocaine:
    • Belushi
    • Bombita
    • Boy-girl
    • He-she
    • Snowball
  • Heroin and crack:
    • Chocolate rock
    • Dragon rock
    • Moon rock

There are not just street names for heroin, but also street names for heroin use.

Street names for heroin use include:

  • Chasing the dragon
  • Daytime and evening (being high and coming off the high)
  • Dip and dab
  • Give wings
  • Jolly pop
  • Paper boy
  • Channel swimmer

These aren’t the only names for heroin and its use, but they are some of the most prevalent. The online medical magazine Clinical Pain Advisor maintains a comprehensive list of drug slang and code names if you want to learn more.

Key Points: Heroin Street Names

Understanding the street names for heroin can help parents, friends, and others identify signs of heroin use. Listen for these and other code words they might be using. Being familiar with drug-related terms can help you determine what specific kind of drug or drugs someone is on and find the right kind of help for them.

If you or someone you love is using heroin, help is always available. Even if you only suspect someone you know is suffering from heroin addiction, there are resources you can use to help them get the assistance they need. Call The Recovery Village today to learn more and find out what we can do for you.


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