How Heroin is Smoked

Heroin is a dangerous opioid, and its use is on the rise in the United States. The opioid prescription drug crisis happening in the U.S. has been a major contributor to a rise in heroin use in the past few years. People often begin abusing prescription opioids before moving to heroin because it’s cheaper and more easily available.

Another factor leading to heroin becoming abused by more people is also believed to be because it’s not just a drug that people inject. In the past, heroin was seen as something that was primarily used through injection, which may have led more people to avoid the drug. Now, smoking it or snorting heroin is more common.

So, how is heroin smoked and what are the signs and side effects of heroin use?

How Heroin is Smoked
Heroin is smoked by vaporizing the original powder version of the drug. This delivers the drug directly from the lungs to the bloodstream, where it then enters the heart before being pumped to the rest of the body, including the brain.

To give a brief rundown of how heroin is smoked: first, the drug is placed on a surface that can be heated, and a flame is applied directly below it so that it begins boiling it. Then, the vapor is inhaled using a tube of some type.

Another way how heroin is smoked is by using it along with weed. People will combine marijuana and heroin, which is known as lacing. In some cases, this isn’t done on purpose by people using the drug. Instead, marijuana dealers lace their product with heroin to make its effects more powerful and addictive, leading to repeat customers.

When you smoke heroin it works in much the same way it does when it’s injected. It attaches to opioid receptors in the individual’s brain and creates a euphoric high and relieves pain. Once the euphoria subsides, the person feels a deep relaxation of relaxation or sedation, often lasting for several hours.

When you smoke heroin, the euphoric rush isn’t as instantaneous or as powerful as when it’s injected, but it’s just as dangerous.

However, as with other ways of using heroin, when you smoke this drug you will rapidly build a tolerance to it, diminishing the effects and also increasing the risk of an overdose.

When heroin is smoked, people think they’re not only avoiding the stigma and anxiety of using a needle to inject it, but they incorrectly believe it won’t lead to addiction. This is not the case. Not only can smoking heroin lead to addiction, but many people who start out smoking the drug often move on to injecting it.

There are many negative side effects and adverse health outcomes that come from smoking heroin as well. Not only is there the risk of overdose, dependence, and addiction, but there is also the risk of harming the health of your lungs. Smoking heroin can lead to pneumonia and bronchitis. The drug itself, regardless of how it’s ingested, can damage all internal organs.

What’s important to realize when looking at how heroin is smoked is the fact that it’s no safer than injecting the drug. There is no safe way to take heroin, and it’s always dangerous no matter what.

How Heroin is Smoked
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