Fentanyl Addiction Self-Assessment Quiz

This self-assessment quiz can help you examine your fentanyl use. The results of the questions below can assist you in identifying signs of fentanyl misuse and symptoms of addiction. If you are concerned about your results, we provide you with steps for seeking treatment. However, the results of the quiz should not supersede a physician’s advice. Speak with your doctor to better understand your results or call The Recovery Village to learn more about addiction treatment.

Am I Addicted to Fentanyl?

This quiz is based on the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the definitive guide for diagnosing mental health and substance use disorders. It comprises “yes” or “no” questions related to your fentanyl use in the past 12 months. These questions do not include alcohol use. Click here to take a quiz for alcohol addiction.

Please answer “yes” or “no” based on your fentanyl use only. Over the past 12 months:

Have you used fentanyl in larger doses or for longer periods of time than intended?
Have you taken fentanyl for recreational purposes?
Have you been increasingly taking more of the drug in order to achieve the same euphoric effects?
Have you repeatedly experienced a strong desire to use fentanyl?
Have you spent a considerable amount of time trying to access fentanyl?
Have you experienced nausea or vomiting, confusion or decreased sexual desire?
Have you had difficulties trying to stop using fentanyl?
Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms — like muscle aches, mood swings or insomnia — upon sudden cessation?
Have you lost the desire to participate in normal activities or hobbies because of fentanyl use?
Has your fentanyl use affected your ability to communicate with loved ones?
Have you continued to use fentanyl despite knowing the health, social and legal consequences?
Has your fentanyl use resulted in social, legal or financial problems?

Your assessment results are confidential. Please enter your information below to proceed to your results.

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Fentanyl Addiction Self-Assessment Quiz
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