ConZip – FAQ

ConZip (tramadol hydrochloride in generic form) is an opioid analgesic prescription medication used to treat adults who suffer from moderate to moderately-severe chronic pain. This drug works by blocking pain signals in the body and has a weak antidepressant effect. It is made available in extended-release capsules that are taken twice daily. To benefit from the effects of ConZip, it is recommended that the drug be taken whole by swallowing. Since this drug is an opioid narcotic, it comes with warnings of the high potential for abuse and addiction if not taken as directed or if it is tampered with.

ConZip works in the user’s body by affecting the central nervous system (CNS), meaning it has a direct effect on the brain and spinal cord. If used recreationally to produce any form of “high” based on its opioid component, the misuse can lead to several life-threatening conditions including the severe risk of stoppage of breathing.

For those that are prescribed ConZip, abuse can happen if the user takes the drug by any manner other than that which was prescribed – too much or too often is usually the case. This is sometimes done as the drug starts to seem less effective. Doing so can lead the body to build up a tolerance to ConZip, causing it to need more to make the person feel the same results. Tolerance changes into a dependency for the drug and, with that, an addiction to ConZip is developed and the risk of adverse reactions due to this abuse are then amplified.

Whether you’ve used ConZip yourself or know someone who has, you likely have questions about the prescription drug. To learn more, check out our frequently asked questions or make a call to a representative from The Recovery Village who can answer your questions.